Hotel Transylvania 2

     Hotel Transylvania 2 brought tears of laughter in theaters ever since it premiered on September 25. With many high expectations, this movie was equally funny as the first one.

     Since opening, Hotel Transylvania had only welcomed monsters through their doors. However, in its second installment, the story follows the hotel welcoming both monsters and humans as Dracula’s daughter, Mavis, marries her adventurous human boyfriend, Jonathan. Mavis eventually gives birth to a cute little boy named Dennis or as Drac calls him, “Denisovich” who is a half human half vampire. With Dennis’ lack of fangs and curly red hair, it becomes obvious that he takes after his human father. This alarms Drac and takes it upon himself to help his grandson find his inner monster.

     The movie offered sheer laughter throughout the events that Drac tried to bring out Dennis’ vampire side including many of Drac’s friends antics (the gelatinous Blobby’s very slow scooter that they had to ride to get home). However, underneath the blanket of un-witty humor and the many jokes about the spoiling nature of today’s parenting, there are notably relevant messages about bravery, identity and acceptance. Grandparents like Drac can definitely relate to the situation but in a way that every age group can enjoy.

     Hotel Transylvania 2 adds in a layer of grouchy connotations about Mavis’ parenting style. Compared to the first movie where she comes off as a really sweet girl who just wants to see the world, she becomes worse than her dad about overprotectiveness. She has to actually move away from the place she has ever known, to a place where she has no idea what it offers because she thinks it is safer for her “human” son.

     Overall, Hotel Transylvania 2 is a movie perfect for a Halloween treat. It is very charming with a mix of slight horror for kid viewers. While most movies end with a happy ending, it starts with it and ends with it, too. The comical jokes provided are easily picked up and it is a great choice for family movie nights. Just don’t mind the obvious Sony product placements.

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