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Chaos! Noise! Panic! It is time for the semiannual Saint Genevieve musical and one girl is there to ensure it runs smoothly.
Alani Romero has been apart of the Saint Genevieve musicals as a crew member since fall of her Junior year and sees it as a minor part of her life.
“I am in charge of carrying stuff,” Romero said.”That is why I told you it is not that important.”
Yet, without Alani there would be no stage setting, backdrop, or properly placed props for the play. She carries the set from storage to the stage and moves props in between scenes on stage. She helps the play function smoothly.
“My favorite part of play is when we are done,” Romero said. “When you miss the people you got close with and you get withdrawals.”
Musicals require a lot of effort and energy to in order for it to run smoothly.
“She is really dedicated,” said Senior, Jocelyn Figueroa, Alani’s friend. “She got a lot of scratches and battle scars but she stuck through it.”
Alani said that she does not want to have a career in play production once she is out of high school and college. To Romero, this is like a hobby, something to just past time so that she can fully experience high school and be involved.
Because of the high amount of involvement needed for the play production, the crew becomes close and end up as friends. “She is a good listener, and is very dependable,” said Mr. Nain Doporto, Director of the musicals.
There are many reasons why Alani Romero joined play and there are things during play that help influence her to join play as a crew member again. Romero learns skills that can help her now and also help her in the future
“During play I learned responsibility because you are in charge of a lot of things,” Alani said. “If you are not on que you mess up and look bad, so you need punctuality and need to work well with others.”
Sonny Jefferson Reporter for The Silver Script

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