A Passion for Drawing

Delivered all the way from Mexico, Vanessa Salazar received a special package from her Tio. The contents inside opened a whole new world that lead to an imaginative and creative hobby.
Vanessa was born into a very artistic family. Ever since she could remember, she would receive mail all the way from Mexico, containing numerous amounts of drawings created by her Tio. They included drawings of dogs, family members, etc.
“I just loved how much hard work he put into the drawings,” said Salazar. “I admired his work because of how creative and realistic they look. His patience and dedication made me want to learn to draw.”
Salazar’s desire to learn sent her on a journey to join art class. At just 8 years old, Salazar joined an after school class that helped her learn and master the art of drawing. At the end of each day, Salazar would take a seat in her art class where she would learn many techniques foreign to her at that age.
“I joined a contest in school that was based on the environment, I did not win but I got recognition and that was probably my favorite project,” said Salazar.
During her spare time,Vanessa likes to draw to ease her mind. She likes drawing when things go wrong.
“Vanessa draws great pictures, she is very good at drawing flowers,” said Paola Correas, friend since the 6th grade. “You know when Vanessa is bored because she tends to doodle.”
She is given a lot of opportunities to showcase her talent to others.
“My favorite project was the one where we had to draw Jesus,” said Salazar. “I enjoyed it because I got to be creative and original, I got to draw Him in my own view.”
Teachers took notice in her drawing abilities.
“She always gives one hundred percent in her projects, you can tell she wants to do her best,” said Religion teacher, Elizabeth Sotoj. “One time she brought an item from home, which was not required. You can tell she wants to do her best and give it her all.”
From joining an art class at a young age, Vanessa has considered to pursue the arts in future studies.
“ I want to take a course but I do not want to pursue this career wise, I want to draw for myself and not for others,” said Salazar.
Adriana Sanchez Reporter for The Silver Script

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