A Switch In Uniform

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 7.59.10 AMAfter several complaint instances, baggy shorts, and old uniform incidents, St. Genevieve has finally announced yet another, new change in Valiant attire.

St. Genevieve has since been on edge when it comes to uniform policy. From students still wearing adidas, to complaining about the look and uncomfortable fabric of the new Nike shorts, it has been decided to start fresh with a new brand. Not many details have been finalized, such as prices and when they’ll be available. However, as of next year, it is most likely that students will be switching from Nike to Champion. That way, students can start fresh with newer and more different designed Valiant gear.

“This has been something we’ve been discussing for awhile, and after much needed conferences. It just feels like the most efficient solution for students needs, ” said Mr.Palmeter.

Champion can be found at many local retail stores such as Kohls or JC Penny.

This change is in hopes to get everyone to feel more school spirit and pride in their attire to prove their part in the St. Genevieve community. As well to help pacify the past complaints. New uniforms for the new year is the way to go.

“Since we are an athletic type of school, I would have to say [although] Champion looks comfortable and all, I’d still prefer Nike over Champion,” said Perla Laura, Junior.

Information to parents will be sent out as soon as possible for early notice. Students should be expecting letters home, a phone tree, and emails as soon as possible.

“The best changes are those who change for the better, and that is how I feel about the situation. This is another way to help show our pride and bond us closer to the Valiant community,” said Mr. Horn.

Reporter Catherine Duque for the Silver Script

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