New Changes in the School

After many memorable years at St. Genevieve High School, Mr. Bernard Torres will no longer be teaching Sophomore Religion next school year in order to move on to bigger and better things. Although he will no longer be a teacher at the high school, Torres will still be a part of St. Genevieve as he takes on the roles of Campus Minister for both campuses.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 9.51.02 PMSaddened by Torres’ revelation, a number of sophomores have already bombarded Torres with questions regarding his leave. Though Torres will miss his position as a teacher, he can’t wait for the new experiences awaiting him.

“I will definitely miss teaching sophomores and watching them as they grow closer to God, but it’s time for me to move onto bigger things,” said Torres.

Although Torres’ departure was not publicly announced yet, St. Genevieve’s staff has already found a replacement for the Sophomore Religion teacher. Starting next year, Father Alden Sison will be taking on the role of a teacher, on top of holding the position of the Pastor  at St. Genevieve Parish.

“I figured that since I’m always at the church, I might as well use my time wisely by sharing my knowledge of God with students who are willing to learn,” said Father Alden.

Not only is Father Alden going to teach the sophomore class, but he will also do his best to enable St. Genevieve High School and the Elementary to grow into a more unified community. Father Alden will be discussing his plans to bring both sides of the school together at the church every month so that the students may be able to grow closer with one another.

“I have many plans for the high school and building a better community is just one of them,” said Father Alden.

Samantha Leyva, reporter for the Silver Script



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