Dolly Ding

A process of hard work and dedication is what Junior, Dolly Ding, seems to be doing this year. When upon learning of  this speech contest opportunity in front of her, she was quick to take it. An endless time of pencil pushing, brainstorming, outlines, and a countless number of drafts, Ding spent many of her hours structuring and restructuring paragraphs. As well as having to double check things like grammar, format, details, her opening statements, and conclusions.

“Honestly, my writing in freshmen year [was] really bad. A lot of grammar mistakes, run-on sentences, rigid essay structure. Although I still don’t think I write good essays all the time now, but I believe I’m always improving,” Ding said.

Ding is always trying to improve her skills and does not conform with the bare minimum.

Whether it be from going back and forth to have her paper getting checked over and corrected repeatedly. She considers it just another part of the process. A process she had admitted to be long but in the end worth it.

Upon seeing an opportunity like this, Ding didn’t want to think twice about it. It was open and she saw it as hers for the taking. Being more than willing to invest much of her time into it. One of the people who supported her was  Mr. Doporto..

“We had meetings in the morning from 6:40 and after school. He paid attention to every single word in our speech to help us,” Ding said.

To have a chance at being the best, one must put in the effort.

Happiness and accomplishment filled her when she heard her name called for the next round. The achievement not only made her even more determined to work harder but also thankful. The experience has impact her in a way that let her see writing in a new even more serious light.

One of her favorite parts of this experience was being able to the get the chance to speak in front of other people. Ding enjoys public speaking and having the power to help convince people to whatever is the topic at hand.

“To be honest, I am happy when I found that I’m going to the next round,” Ding said. “ At the same time, however, it’s also a little bit sad because I was competing against Patrick. And it’s always a struggle when competing with your best friend.”

No matter if English wasn’t her first language it made her even more proud of who she is. She felt confident within the way she delivered her speech and eye contact to her audience.

Her only concern was the thought that there could only be one winner. Meaning that either one of them were definitely going to lose.

“[My advice toward people who are thinking about taking this is] don’t be afraid. Just try your best, and you might get the result that you did not expect,” Ding said. ”There is nothing to lose in this case. If you are interested, then join it. You will learn a lot from it.”

Reporter Catherine Duque for the Silver Script


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