Samantha Knecht: Running Like a Champion

Why be good when great is an option? That’s certainly a question you don’t need to ask Samantha Knecht, a cross-country star that strives for greatness each day, each practice, each competition.

To Knecht, the easiest way to train is by treating everything like a competition because all she wants to do is win, and it is because of her competitiveness that she is great in and out of the classroom.

“She’s a good athlete, she’s also a good student. She’s carrying almost an A average. That’s the kind of student you want on your team. Those you don’t have to worry about and push them to do their homework and all. She does it on her own,” said Aaron Bowers, the Track & Field and Cross-Country coach.


Knecht has been doing great so far in her high school career, but that greatness also comes with a price.

“It is hard because you don’t have time for schoolwork, so you have to stay up late and then you don’t get enough sleep, but it’s worth it,” said Knecht.

Not only is Knecht involved with Cross-Country, but she is also in marching band. She was a former volleyball player too.

However, so far, Knecht has been advancing in cross-country very well, ending the season by being the only girl at St. Genevieve who qualified for the first prelims of CIF.

“It was a cross-country meet at Mt. Sac and I did okay. I could have done better, but I didn’t,” said Knecht.

Going as far as CIF was good enough for Coach Bowers, who is extremely proud of Knecht for her big achievement.

“She’s improved a lot, she’s probably the best runner on the team. This is her first time out running for cross country and she went all the way to the first prelims of CIF. She’s doing really good,” said Coach Bowers. “The fact that she was the only girl from the school that actually made it to CIF was one thing. She’s a captain and this is her first time on as cross country, she proved that she can be a leader on the team. If she keeps running the way she does, yeah, she should be able to run at a college level.”

Although everyone is very proud of Knecht, she feels as if she can do better, and Coach Bowers agrees.

“There’s always room for improvement, if there’s no improvement you might as well not do it anymore except for fun, and I think she’s competitive and she tries to do better each time she runs,” said Coach.

The cross-country team is very proud of Knecht and her participation in the first prelims for CIF, and they are happy to know that she will continue to do cross-country for her remaining years at St. Genevieve.

Armonie Mendez, Reporter for the Silver Script 

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