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The members of the Cross Country team at St. Genevieve High School run laps around the school in preparation for their meets this season. Some are jogging, while some are intensely running to beat their time. But a girl with jet black hair in glasses sits on the lunch tables as she watched the team practice.

Sophomore Erin DeCastro is one of the players on the team. However, due to a problem with her lungs, she is unable to compete this season.

During the last season, DeCastro started having chest pains and and lots of wheezing. After checking in with the doctor, she found out that she had bronchospasm. It is when the respiratory airway become obstructed and narrow in results of having a hard time to breathe.

But this little challenge didn’t stop her from being a part of Cross Country or Track. She now plays the role of being the manager of the team.

“My dad inspired me to run,” said DeCastro. “So during freshman year, I decided to join.”

Erin has been on the team since August of her freshman year. DeCastro remarked that that they practice from six in the morning to seven, during  fitness as well as on weekdays. And sometimes, the team goes to the beach on weekends to practice.

“Erin is a hard worker, willing to learn, and a team player,” said Aaron Bowers, the Track and Cross Country coach. “Cross country or Track could be a future career for her, maybe not as an athlete but as a coach.”

However,  DeCastro sees a different career path in the future. Instead, she wants to be a forensic anthropologist.

“I never had any drawbacks in joining either Track or Cross Country,” remarked DeCastro. “I’m very good at managing my time. If anything, it even helped me because I got into shape and I got to train with my dad.”

DeCastro’s hard work clearly shows as her classmates/teammates notice her efforts.

“[Erin] is passionate about everything she does,” said sophomore, Dominique Cuello. “She’s very devoted about both being a manager and a runner.”

Although she has been having problems, DeCastro still finds a way to participate in school.

“It’s pretty good being a manager because I can contribute to the team and help them,” remarked DeCastro. “But I’m a bit bothered about not being able to run because I remember running as helping  me to relax and calm down whenever I’m mad. So hopefully, I can play next season.”

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Chelsea Caringal Reporter for the SilverScript

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