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Was Everything, Everything everything we wished for?

Vanessa Reyes, Reporter for The Silver Script Everything, Everything is a cliche and sappy movie full of romance, adventure, drama, and comedy between a girl with a rare immune disorder and the new boy next door. Everything, Everything is a movie about an eighteen year old (Amandla Stenberg) who has spent her life inside an

Class of 2018 Takes the Lead

Vanessa Salazar a Reporter for The Silver Script From attending a class retreat and being anointed on Junior Ring night, the juniors geared up to take the lead next year. The juniors went to Mater Dolorosa retreat center spending the entire day at the retreat and arriving back to St. Genevieve that night on May

The New ASB Leaders

Aileen Franco Reporter for The Silver Script Featuring the most candidates that St. Genevieve has had in a long time, the school has elected a new ASB team for the upcoming school year. Elizabeth Sotoj, ASB’s moderator since 2013, was pleasantly surprised by the candidates who ran. “I have been blessed with being able to

Valiants Learn About the Armenian Genocide

Vanessa Salazar Reporter for The Silver Script On an early Friday morning, the St. Genevieve community walked from school to The Plant to watch a movie called The Promise based off of the Armenian Genocide. As grades were called one by one, teachers and students made their way to the theaters and by 9am, the

The Softball Team Hit Some Home Runs this Season

Fatima Hernandez Reporter for The Silver Script. St. Genevieve High School’s softball team made a name for themselves with a perfect record of 10 and 0 grasping the title of League Champions. This is the first time they clinched the league champions title since 1995. Senior Co-Captain Clarissa Sanchez told her coach that her goal

Track Makes it to First Round of CIF

Aileen Franco Reporter for The Silver Script The Track & Field team started off this season hitting the ground running. With the help of Coach Bowers and Coach Fanelli, four track members made it to the first round of CIF “They’ve become leaders and their times have dropped, which is why some of them are

Graduation: The Start of a New Chapter

Vanessa Reyes, Reporter for The Silver Script The senior class culminated their final year with graduation making it a night to remember. Family and friends along with faculty and staff gathered in the church to witness the seniors start a new chapter in their lives, on May 19. The ceremony started with a speech from