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Valiants Going Different Routes After Graduation

Catherine Smith, Reporter for The Silver Script Sami Knecht is a scholastic tour de force. A current member of the cross country team, former clarinet player for the marching band, and a participant in four AP classes throughout her high school career, she is a strong candidate for acceptance to the nation’s top universities. “My

Valiants Conquer First Round of Playoffs in Blowout Victory

Catherine Smith, Reporter for The Silver Script The Valiant football team battled hard against Carpinteria High School last Friday night, coming away with a resounding 42-7 victory over the Warriors. This is St. Genevieve football’s first CIF playoff game, bringing the team’s overall record to 10-1, and cementing this season as the most successful in

Christine Moore: Baking Her Way to Her Dream

Aileen Franco a Reporter for The Silver Script The latest speaker  of St. Genevieve’s speaker series was Christine Moore, owner of The Little Flower Cafe in Pasadena. The stands were full when Christine began her speech. Christine spoke about how she began her journey with nothing, but ended up having her dreams come true, all while staying

Football and Cheer Senior Night

Gabriel Anglade a Reporter for The Silver Script The Valiant football and cheer team celebrated their Senior night at Poly High School on November 4. Senior night signifies the seniors’ last home game, not including playoffs. As the seniors took  the field for the last time, they had the special opportunity of being introduced by their

Students Participate in a Mock Election

Enoch Waiswa a Reporter for The Silver Script With Election season under way, Saint Genevieve High School decided to mirror the current election with their first ever mock event. Classes from 6th grade to seniors got a chance to vote in the school’s library on November 7, 2016. “The social studies department wanted…students [to] read

2016 Presidential Election

Vanessa Salazar a Reporter for The Silver Script The battle for the White House between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump throughout the past months has come to an end. Fighting to reach the spot in presidency, Donald Trump unexpectedly became the champion in this race. Throughout Monday, November 8th, the presidential election was the “talk”

Opinion: Homework Needs to be Quality Over Quantity

Jesus Perez a Reporter for The Silver Script Homework is often seen as a necessary evil for high school students, but too much work or the wrong kind work does not benefit students in the long run. Students end up paying the price when quantity becomes more important than quality in a classroom environment. Homework

Opinion: Donald Trump Sexual Assault Allegations

Keila Vives Reporter for the Silver Script During the first week of October, Access Hollywood released a video from 2005 of our Republican nominee, Donald Trump, making rude, aggressive sexual comments about women. People questioned if Trump could be the National face of our country because of what he  said when he was a reality

Opinion: Stand Together for Hurricane Matthew

Enoch Waiswa a Reporter for The Silver Script Hurricane Matthew began on September 28 and ended on October 10. With warning that the deadly disaster was in route, many people left homes in search for safety. For those who stayed, they were most likely a part of the 1,384 fatalities. Many states in the south