Monthly Archives: September 2016

McCutcheon: History in the Making

Aileen Franco Reporter for the Silver Script Mary Evelyn McCutcheon was always a country girl, until she moved out to the city with her husband. She is now teaching US History at St Genevieve High School as she learns to acclimate to life in Los Angeles. McCutcheon moved to California to be close to her

New Year New Team

Braxton Taylor Reporter for The Silver Script The football team has seen major changes since last season as coach Parra tries to change SG football from just a football team into a family. Though the season just started, the team has shown many changes on and off the field. “ The leadership has changed and

Beginning of a New Cheer Era

Enoch Waiswa Reporter for The  Silver Script While coach Ukolowicz is giving out directions to her team, she’s called by a fellow staff member. “This is the other hard part about coaching,” said coach Ukolowicz as she heads over to acknowledge Mr. Dinkha, a religion teacher. Regardless of teaching multiple classes coach Ukolowicz is prepared for

Mr. Hu’s New Beginning

Gabriel Anglade Reporter for The Silver Script Now working as an academic counselor for international students, Mr. Toby Hu came to the US at the age of 27 looking to pursue his career. “When I first came I went to the Motel 6 on Roscoe and I didn’t know it was a sketchy area,” said

Shakespeare at the Bowl

Fatima Hernandez and Vanessa Reyes Reporters for The Silver Script As part of tradition, the entire school  attended a show at The Hollywood Bowl on September 1. The school watched excerpts from Shakespearean plays such as “Much Ado About Nothing,” “Antoine and Cleopatra,” and “Romeo and Juliet” performed by the actors  from the Globe Theater

Ms. Chang Helps Syrian Refugees over the Summer

Vanessa Salazar Reporter for the Silver Script From Taiwan to Tokyo and Hawaii, her love for travel motivated her to do something greater this past summer. English and journalism teacher, Mrs. Chang, set off to Germany for two  weeks with her husband  and  a group of others from all over the country to help refugees

Mr. Hall: Adventures in Teaching

Jesus Perez Reporter for The Silver Script When passing through the upstairs hallway, students can see a new member of the St. Genevieve community, but they might not know of his extensive travel background. Mr. Jonathan Hall’s career as a teacher has given him the opportunity to live and work in places like Germany, Russia,

Dr. Russo: English Teacher, German Speaker

Catherine Smith Reporter for The Silver Script The course of Dr. Eva-Marie Russo’s academic career is rooted deeply in family and fueled on passion and perseverance. While originally planning on teaching English, as she does now, Russo’s exposure to   foreign language unearthed an insatiable thirst for knowledge of the German language and culture. This desire

Mr. Bencomo: New College Counselor for 2016-2017

Keila Vives Reporter for the Silver Script Mr. Bencomo, St. Genevieve’s well-known U.S. history teacher, is no longer teaching students in class; instead, he is helping students get ready for college with his own personal touch. Mr. Thompson, former St. Genevieve’s college counselor and Mr. Palmeter, approached Mr. Bencomo about the open position. It took