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Kesha is known for wearing glitter in shapes or forms to go with her spunky, courageous and outgoing personality. Yet after many years of claiming to be drugged and mentally, sexually, and physically abused, she pressed charges against her producer Dr.Luke, but wasdenied release  from her contract. Kesha Rose Sebert (Kesha) made her big break

Does the Zika Virus Pose a Real Threat to the Rio Olympics?

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Despite the Zika outbreak, residents of the host city remain positive about the upcoming Summer Olympics, however, foreigners are unsure of attending the games. In Brazil, over 4,000 babies were born with abnormal head sizes. This abnormality has been linked to the Zika virus,  a disease that is transmitted by

Judy Martinez: From Gentle to Evil

With the cast list already up, Judy Martinez landed herself the role of Lily, one of the villains in this year’s spring musical’s rare three-villain plot. Being the quiet and shy girl she is, Judy will transform from a sweetheart, to a villain with an appetite for wickedness. As a sophomore, Martinez has already accomplished

Porto’s: Number 1 in the Country

Porto’s, the family-run business located in Burbank, was named #1 in the United States by Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat list in 2016. The Burbank location is among the biggest of the other two, which are located  in Downey and Glendale. The restaurant is housed in an Adobe style building. Taking a step inside

Panorama City Today, Tokyo Tomorrow

227 students from 109 different schools, but only two students were chosen to be a LA Times correspondent in the Discover Asia Correspondent Competition.  Senior Sonny Jefferson will be taking her dream trip to  Tokyo, Japan as she documents her trip for the LA Times.  . She will be exploring many cultures and bringing everyone

Beyoncé and Kendrick Step into the Range of fire with Controversial Performances on “Black Lives Matter”

Recently, “Black Lives Matter” has been a controversial topic, and just when it seemed like it was beginning to die down, celebrities like Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar revive the issue with performances that have sparked even more controversy. First, Beyoncé had people talking about  her new highly anticipated  music video “Formation,” which was released just

Varsity Girls Basketball: An Overview

With the winter sports season coming close to an end, the girls varsity basketball team made it to playoffs after 18 wins and 9 losses. It has been about 38 years since the Saint Genevieve High School last won the CIF championships and just getting a chance to play in playoffs is a  milestone for

In the Spotlight Once Again

After receiving a lead role in last semester’s play, Camille Garo will be returning to the spotlight as Ms. Hannigan in the spring musical, Annie. Since Garo’s freshmen year, she developed her performing skills. Garo has moved her way from being a crew member to a cast member, ensemble, to a lead. “Working with Camille

Ceci Coronado: A Leader On and Off the Field

After working towards the title of league champs this season, senior Ceci Coronado and her fellow teammates have secured their win. Leading the team with 16 goals so far this season, Coronado has exhibited hard work in the sport she’s known for 13 years: soccer. “We all worked really hard over the summer preparing for