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Super Bowl Sunday: A fearful day for relationships?

For some men and women, being around a partner who has had one too many drinks while watching the Super Bowl can lead to a brutal nightmare. With such cases increasing, the most anticipated Sundays of the year is now widely believed to hold the title of having the highest rates of domestic violence. Super

The People vs. OJ Simpson

It has been 22 years since the murder of Nicole Brown and Ronald L. Goldman, which had millions of people watching the trial against Nicole’s ex-husband O.J Simpson for both homicides. American Crime Story is televising a reenactment of the  case and trial giving viewers an inside look on details from beginning to end. The

The Dunkle Show

Mr. Andrew Dunkle, Saint Genevieve’s new Economics and Government teacher, enjoys teaching today’s youth about how to survive in the real world. Mr. Dunkle, originally from Chicago, attended Colgate University and received his Master’s degree at Tufts University in Boston. Every start to his class, he begins by welcoming the students to “The Dunkle Show”

Porter Ranch Gas Leak Continues To Spread In The San Fernando Valley

The methane gas leak in Porter Ranch has resulted in the relocation of nearby residents in the area and the leak will not be fixed until nearly the end of February, possibly even as late as March. According to CBS News, the leak was first discovered in October and is rumored to be caused by

Bailey is Back

Countless hours of grading papers and tutoring students were tasks that Mr. Ken Bailey did not expect he would be back doing after retiring last year. For 28 years, Mr. Bailey taught US History and Algebra 1 Mr. Bailey retired last Spring in hopes of spending time with his grandson, exercising, and doing volunteer work.

Easy, and Inexpensive DIY’s for this Valentine’s Day

     Without enough time, enough money, and Valentine’s Day around the corner, the perfect gift for a friend or significant other may not be easy to find. But with these quick, easy, and inexpensive DIY’s, Valentines day will be a breeze. These DIY’s are the quickest way to your gift receiver’s heart. What to

See You Later

Goodbyes can be hard. Nowadays, there’s numerous other words to address it:“bye”, “see you later”, “adios.” Still, it only serves one purpose, it’s what you say when you part with something or someone. I never expected to be saying it now. I’ve said a lot of goodbyes in the past 16 years of my life.

Trump swoons US with plans to improve the country

Donald Trump has been leading the Republican polls and the reason as to why is quite clear: he is the most qualified Republican candidate. The US has many problems, and according to the White House’s records, the last is terrorism. The most obvious and drastic is the US’s economic status. With a person like Trump

Taiwan Elects First Female President

Taiwan elected their first female president on January 20. Tsai Ing-Wen, leader of the Democratic Progressive Party took 56% of the votes according to Time. In the beginning, Tsai entered the world of politics as somewhat of an outsider. She was trained as a lawyer at National Taiwan University and continued her education in law,