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South Korea’s Homegrown Weapon

   South Korea responded towards North Korea’s constant threats and invitations for war in an unconventional way on Friday, January 8. Some were surprised and some called it unique as South Koreans blasted their weapon: Kpop.       According to Huffington Post, South Korea tried to get under the skin of its archrival with

Wanderlust Creamery: Around the World in Many Flavors

    Wandrlust, a fairly new Ice Creamery in Tarzana, has charmed its way into the stomachs of the public with unique and popular flavors that help customers travel the world in the comfort of this quaint business.    Flavors such as Earl Grey Milk Chocolate, Honey Lavender, Kinder Bueno, Abuelita Malted Crunch, and Sticky

Mark Martinez: Changing Cheerleading at Saint Genevieve High School

    Mark Martinez is everything but an average high schooler. While he is a part of some of the rigorous sports games he isn’t necessarily playing the game, rather he is cheering on the athletes. Mark Martinez is a cheerleader and is not ashamed of admitting it.    Though he has to face more difficulties

Language Classes at Saint Genevieve

     The start of a new year means the beginning of a new semester. On February 1st, 8th, and 15th, students will be given the opportunity to make course requests for the following school year. Among the selections are numerous options for math, science, and english, but there currently seems to be a limited

NFL teams looking to relocate to Los Angeles beginning the 2016 season

December 24, 1994: the day that football died in LA as both the Rams and Raiders played their last games before moving to new cities. However, after two decades without a football team, this metropolitan city is going to have not one, but two football teams that get to share new fans and most importantly:

Obama Goes Solo in Fight to End Gun Violence

In an effort to bring a conclusion to gun violence once and for all, President Barack Obama discussed a combination of actions set up to stop gun violence. On Tuesday, January 15, President Obama delivered an emotion filled speech while discussing the urgency of dramatically limiting gun violence. The epidemic of gun violence became noticeably

Miss Universe: Honest Mistake or Publicity Stunt?

In the aftermath of the Miss Universe pageant on December 20, 2015, in which Steve Harvey announced the wrong queen, the Miss Universe Organization has been under fire as some believe the incident wasn’t an honest mistake but a publicity stunt. However, these conspiracy theories are completely ridiculous. During the previously-owned Donald Trump beauty contest,