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Christmas: Used as a means of Marketing

Adriana Sanchez Reporter for the Silver Script It seems that Christmas celebrations come earlier and earlier every year. Stepping into Macy’s department store, customers are bombarded by all things Christmas. There are red bows around the store, lights are up, and Christmas trees are displayed with full decorations. Yet, there is still more than a

Paris Attacks

Alani Romero Reporter for The Silver Script     Friday the 13th is an ominous day for those that are superstitious. However, for Paris there was no way to avoid this tragedy.    The attacks were made in six different locations, one in Le Petit Cambodge, Le Belle Equipe, Bataclan, Rue de la Fontaine au

Majors For A Buck

Christalle Cid Reporter for The Silver Script Every year, high school seniors plan to major in something that is known by many. However, some of the most popular college majors tend to be some of the worst for job hunting after graduation.   Many majors tend to lead individuals to a very limited career path.

What Does He Mean?

Nikki Rodriguez reporter for The Silver Script          Justin Bieber has had a tumultuous last few years but claims to have changed for the better. His new album Purpose reflects his newfound maturity by speaking about commitment,being brutally honest, and proving himself. Bieber’s infamous DUI from August of last year has earned him a great

Saint Genevieve High School Open House

Alexis Pelayo Reporter for The Silver Script     Saint Genevieve High School hosted a student oriented open house with Valiants who performed and welcomed potential students and their families into their home. The Valiant community came together to showcase all the programs the school has to offer. Those involved included the marching band, the

Police Brutality In The Classroom

Sonny Jefferson Reporter for The Silver Script     A Student is violently tossed out of her desk, thrown across the room, and arrested by the campus security in South Carolina. Since then a video on the arrest has gone viral and has sparked many debates on whether or not this was appropriate behavior or

Winning On the Court with the Valiants

Alexis Pelayo Reporter for The Silver Script Spike, serve, dive, win! The Lady Valiants went head to head against the Eagles of Lone Pine High School for their Senior night on December 10th. There was a crowd gathered in the gym and there was music blaring from the speakers as the girls warmed up for

Teacher vs. Student Dress Code

Sonny Jefferson Reporter for The Silver Script In the mornings, students at Saint Genevieve High School get dressed in their Nike tennis shorts and a Saint Genevieve shirt. The uniform is much  more relaxed than at other schools It is when we have mass or a free dress day or even for dances like the

School Shootings & Metal Detectors

Nikki Rodriguez reporter for The Silver Script Roughly 230 school shootings have struck the U.S. nationwide since the Columbine High School shooting in 1999 in Littleton, Colorado. With a more recent shooting which took place at Texas Southern University, little precautions have been taken. All of these school shootings have occurred in little time, leaving