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Not Your Average Hero or Your Average Girl

Although most people would choose Batman or Superman when they are asked about their favorite superhero, Senior Armonie Mendez would say Deadpool, someone who may not even be considered a hero. Deadpool, also known as Wade Wilson, went through many struggles which made him a tough character. He is a mercenary and he makes mistakes.

The Passionate Presenter

With his quiet demeanor, Senior Chad Mendoza walks through the St. Genevieve gates at 7:30 in the morning. However, this tranquil facade changes one hour later when the lights come on and the camera starts rolling. As the whole school watches the morning announcements, Chad smiles broadly into the camera delivering the day’s reports. He

The Cheerleader Who Finds The Value in Cheerleading

While being in cheerleading practice in the blazing sun for two hours, senior Nikki Rodriguez enjoys every second of it. However, things weren’t always like this. Rodriguez became apart of the Saint Genevieve cheer team her sophomore year of high school. But she felt the team after a year. “ No one liked each other,

Behind the Scenes

Chaos! Noise! Panic! It is time for the semiannual Saint Genevieve musical and one girl is there to ensure it runs smoothly. Alani Romero has been apart of the Saint Genevieve musicals as a crew member since fall of her Junior year and sees it as a minor part of her life. “I am in

A Passion for Drawing

Delivered all the way from Mexico, Vanessa Salazar received a special package from her Tio. The contents inside opened a whole new world that lead to an imaginative and creative hobby. Vanessa was born into a very artistic family. Ever since she could remember, she would receive mail all the way from Mexico, containing numerous

The Next Stephen King

A wild imagination and a frantic mind goes running about the world of Lulu. Senior Kiana Archey calmly works on a hobby that would later become her lifetime goal. As a little kid, Kiana made small books for her family to enjoy, but it was never her favorite hobby. “I used to do so many

Adriana Sanchez: Takes on the initiative to reach out to help the community

What originally started out to be a result of boredom during the summer, turned into something she now enjoys. Senior Adriana Sanchez helps out her community by volunteering at Providence St. Joseph Medical center. Sanchez is known for being a dependable friend and amazing student from what Alani Romero and Ms. Brush have said. Even

Future Warrior of Peace

Christalle Cid  never fails to provide humble service through extensive volunteering. However, these actions will progress to a whole new level when she joins the Peace Corps. In about ten years, after she graduates college with a degree in public health, Christalle plans to travel around the world with the Peace Corps in order to

A Humble Writer and a Quiet Success

It was late summer, 2008. Sonny Jefferson sat in her bunk bed watching Mean Girls from the television on top of her dresser when it hit her; she wanted to become a writer. “I wrote a screenplay and it took me a week. I couldn’t stop writing, I was really into it.” said Jefferson. With