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Cafeteria Italia

Pinocchio’s is a fairly large restaurant that is combined with Monte Carlos Deli, on the corner of magnolia and North Fairview street. The location has a very cafeteria feel to it when you walk in. You order at a counter that looks exactly like a cafeteria and they give you your number, then you seat


Originally released in 1982, this year’s audiences will get a new take and cast on the classic, Poltergeist. The film has always been known for it’s originality and it’s classic lines like “they’re here”,  the clown doll, and the static of television sets. It was praised for it’s frightening images and unique style of horror.

Balance and Find Yourself Again

Many times life becomes a drag and pinpointing to events and people that have left a negative impact seems to be the only way out of this funk. Retreats, however, guide a person to a better, stronger path that leaves lasting effects on the person and the people around them. As years have progressed, teenagers

FIFA Scandal

FIFA Scandal By Brian Hernandez, Reporter for the Silver Script What Exactly happened to FIFA? Five FIFA officials as well as nine other individuals were arrested in a hotel, in Switzerland. They were gathered ahead of the upcoming Presidential Election for FIFA. Charges include bevy of corruption charges: bribery, racketeering, fraud, money laundering, obstruction of

Animal Exploitation Crisis

Planning a trip to attend Seaworld or the Circus may sound like a perfect plan for a family or group of friends during the summer. Unfortunately, there is a dark side to this seemingly perfect activity. Many animals at Seaworld and the Circus are mistreated, forced to do tricks for human entertainment and kept in

Being an International Student

Moving is hard. Moving to a different country is even harder. However, moving to another country regarding an education is commonly heard of. At St. Genevieve High School, there are many students who come from different countries to study in the United States. This may be because students strive for a better education than the

How to Study for Finals

Bye Bye, Bailey

Often enough, people come into the lives of others and unexpectedly leave an impact on them, even if it is just a minimal change. People like this  are worth remembering because they have contributed into making the youth of today the wise men and women of tomorrow. After 28 years of teaching and impacting his

Get a Closer Look at Executive Officers

As the year comes to a close, a new executive team is eager to lead the school. The team is made up of future senior girls. The executives hope to lead the school in the upcoming school year in a new and positive direction.