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Vans Warped Tour 2015: Starting it Right

With summer time getting closer, the season filled with music festivals is beginning to commence. Coachella is closing with their last weekend and music lovers are already planning their next trip to the Vans Warped Tour. Starting another year of touring off with a bang, founder and producer Kevin Lyman has announced at this year’s

Wi Spa

Sometimes, taking a break from all the work and stress could really be useful. With all the sleepless nights and pressure going on everyday, a massage, a sauna, or maybe a dip in a jacuzzi can be the best solution. Fortunately Wi Spa, a Korean-styled spa, offers all kinds of relaxing body treatments twenty-four hours

Death of Electra Heart Brings on New Opportunity

Since the death of her alter ego, Electra Heart, Marina Diamandis of Marina and The Diamonds had been working on a new album. Electra Heart was the main character so to say, in her previous album, Electra Heart. Her new album that she wrote completely on her own is called, Froot. Froot, is a fun and

Robert Dela Pena: Volleyball Profile

Junior Robert Dela Pena, is fairly new to the Saint Genevieve community. He came in last year in the middle of the year. But being the new kid didn’t stop him from his passion, volleyball. Being a new sophomore he tried out for the volleyball team and made it to varsity. “I was on the

Blair Motivation

My best friend has a lot of guys that like her but I don’t have any. It brings me down because I wonder why nobody likes me? -lonely girl Dear Lonely Girl, It doesn’t necessarily mean no one likes you. Someone may fancy you, but be too shy to approach you. If you like someone,

Valiant Cheer Team Brings it On

After taking many years off of the competition block, the valiant cheer team was back in action on March 28, 2015. The team participated in the Sharp competition at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Sharp is the world’s largest cheer and dance competition circuit. They host cheer, dance, drill and color guard categories at their competitions.

Insurgent Review

Tighter, tougher and every bit as witless as its predecessor, “The Divergent Series: Insurgent,”the second segment in the cycle arrives with a yawn and ends with a bang. In between, bodies run, leap and fall amid blasting bullets and there the periodic story turns that make the movie a modest film. Insurgent, continues the story

Turning Two with Buckaroo

This kid is seen throwing, catching, swinging, and playing like a real Valiant out on the field. Christian Ascencio is a senior on the boys baseball team who plays shortstop, 3rd base, and pitcher. “I started playing baseball when I was six. My parents wanted my brother and I to do something other than being

The Passionate Performer

Passion, focus, and hard work is what it takes to stand on stage and perform in front of numerous people. However, a positive attitude and teamwork is what makes a great performance. At St. Genevieve High School, musicals are made every semester with the school’s talented students as actors. One of these actors is sophomore