Monthly Archives: March 2015

This Looks like a Job for the Hall Monitor

No, you don’t need a hall pass to be a hall monitor, but Saint Genevieve High School is looking for some volunteers to take on the coveted position. Mischievous behavior, entering the hallways before school or during nutrition/lunch, students have taken advantage of the unlocked doors and broken school policy. “The students are disrespecting the

New Changes in the School

After many memorable years at St. Genevieve High School, Mr. Bernard Torres will no longer be teaching Sophomore Religion next school year in order to move on to bigger and better things. Although he will no longer be a teacher at the high school, Torres will still be a part of St. Genevieve as he

The solution to the Wifi Problem

It is a known fact that the wifi at Saint Genevieve is not the best. But due to the constant complaints and hysterical jokes about it, the administration has decided to do something about the problem. Since there is so much supply and demand, the school has decided to switch the routers to ensure better

Eat, Sleep, Run

Running for life doesn’t always have to be associated with erratic occurrences. For some, it could just be for leisure pursuits or following someone’s footsteps. Meanwhile, for the track team’s Zantos Vazquez, it’s neither of these things. He was simply inspired and went for it. Along with his energy and focus, he doesn’t fail at

The Melt

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “I could go for a grilled cheese sandwich right now.” Well look no further! The Melt in Los Angeles’ own Sunset and Vine specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches and more! Whether you want an oozing, cheese dripping sandwich, a juicy medium rare burger, steaming hot tomato soup, or a

Man Seen in ISIS Videos Exposed

Two U.S. officials and two U.S. congressional sources confirmed the identity of ‘Jihadi John’.  Mohammed Emwazi nicknamed ‘Jihadi John’ was the masked man seen in ISIS videos. Emwazi is a Londoner who was born in Kuwait, an Arab country in Western Asia. He moved to the U.K when he was 6 years old. It’s believed

Visit from a CNN Hero

St. Genevieve high school and the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade middle school students piled into the gym to listen to a rather unexpected and courageous guest speaker on the morning of  February 26, 2015. CNN hero Razia Jan paid a visit to St. Genevieve High School to inform the students about her work consisting

Worst Dates

This guy I’ve liked for the longest time finally decides to ask me out on a date and I agree. I’m so excited and he decides to pick me up. I forgot what our mode of transportation was, which is weird because it wasn’t that long ago. So, we get to this park and on

High Hopes for Valiant Baseball

Moving into the last stretch of sports for the Valiants, each team is prepared for the season ahead. Track and Field, Boys Volleyball, Golf, Softball, and Baseball have set high goals for their upcoming seasons, especially St. Genevieve’s very own baseball team. The baseball team has already been in some preseason action winning the Panorama