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All Shook Up

On November 22, St. Genevieve’s Madonna hall was filled not only with applause, but laughter as everyone participated with this year’s musical production “All Shook Up.” In which many described as fun filled and highly entertaining, All Shook Up had the audience clapping one moment, laughing the next, and smiling throughout. The actors stayed in

“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” Review

One year ago, fire was catching. A year later, fire is still catching. This time, not only are the innocent civilians in danger, but also the Capitol. On opening night, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 1” engrossed an estimate of $17 million, which is 33% behind last year’s $25.3 million launch for the second film

Playoffs with the Valiants

Cheers were shouted and teams were rooted for as the night went on and as the abundance of penalty flags were thrown. On Friday, November 14th the St. Genevieve Valiants and the Santa Paula Cardinals went head to head in their first playoff game of the 2014 school year. Both teams brought their A game

Teacher BFF

Find out who’s your teacher BFF by taking the quiz below: Made by: Samantha Levya  

League Champions

From the beginning of the season the Girls Varsity Volleyball team knew they were going to get far in the league. The girls were aiming to make it into play offs. “I had confidence in my team and I knew if we worked together and used all our skills to work as a family we

An Open House for Future Valiants

A usual Saturday would be sleeping past 10 in the morning, watching TV all day, or maybe going out with friends. However, this weekend’s Saturday for St. Genevieve High School’s consisted of students performing and welcoming possible incoming valiants for the next year. Although it was a weekend, many students still showed up and went to school

An Anointed Moment With Paul Kim

The Saint Genevieve community gathered in the newly remodeled gym for yet another anointed moment on November 14, 2014. Paul J. Kim visited Saint Genevieve high school with his funny jokes, musical talents, and good word of the Lord.  The night started with Paul Kim showing his musical talent. Kim can beatbox, rap, and sing.

The New Minority

In the summer of 2012, four talented friends thought it would be an awesome idea to bring their musical talents together and start a band. Ferdinand Malinao, Kristian Borja, Danny Canino, and Joseph Black are the four band members that make up The New Minority. The New Minority is a punk rock band that produces

2 Guys From Italy

If you are looking for authentic Italian cuisine, look no further than Granada Hills. Two Guys from Italy on San Fernando Mission Blvd. in Granada Hills offers a variety of Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta dishes and seafood. When you enter, you see vintage games such as Pacman and gumball machines. The restaurant offers