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A Haunting in the Hallways of SG

For years, there have been rumors of ghosts and paranormal incidents in the upstairs corridors of Saint Genevieve High School. Rumors include a Priest having a heart attack next to the left staircase, a little girl falling out of Mr. Corbett’s current classroom, the pitter patter of bare feet, and seeing dark figures during the

DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Christalle Cid, Reporter for the Silver Script Napoleon from Napoleon Dynamite (2004) Items Needed: Light Fabric Transfers/Transfer paper A computer Printer Iron Ironing Board Plain White T-Shirt Scissors Computer/White Printing Paper (for practice) STEPS: *Directions from here onward may be different depending on what brand of transfer paper you use* Items Needed for the rest


How to Prepare for the Rest of Your Life: Don’t stress! Do not procrastinate on your studies. Seek help from your teachers. Go to SAT tutoring. Learn could possibly be on test. Refer to the PSAT guide. Get 8 hours of sleep. Eat a healthy nutritious and breakfast. Stay hydrated throughout the day. Bring #2

Valiant’s Mad Tea Party at the Sheraton

On October 19, Saint Genevieve High School held their own Mad Tea Party at the Sheraton in Universal City. Their annual Homecoming dance was at 7:00 pm on the 21st floor with a view of the city. The room was open with large windows around the entire room over looking the night life. The decorations

Chris Koch: An Inspiration

Born in Nanton Alberta, Canada, Chris Koch strives to be the best farmer he can be, which may sound impossible to do without arms and legs. Although Koch does not have all his body parts, he is still like any normal 35-year-old. His hard work and independence has helped him accomplish many things, some that most

Saint Genevieve v. Mary Star

With Homecoming week leading up to the football games on Saturday, many were skeptical on who would win the game. With the parade being prepped and people marching down the streets to Poly High School. Students, teachers, and faculty were part of the parade and people on the streets were honking, taking pictures, and supporting

Float Building: Endless Flowers

On October 18, 2014, students were given an oppurtunity to school to go to school at 8:00 AM to help build their class’ float. Although, this was hard to do because of the night school the day before. Students worked in two parts for each class: making flowers and gluing flowers. Whichever side the students

Homecoming Day 5: Ending It With a Bang

As Homecoming Week comes to a close, students are sad that the activities are over, but make the best out of the last remaining ones. As always, the best activities are saved for last. Powder-puff and Dancing with the Valiant Stars. To start off the day, students reported to the field for the first activity,

Homecoming Day 4: V Factor & Quidditch

The Thursday started off a bit differently than most days. The Valiants headed to the gym for music practice to rehearse the songs for the upcoming mass the next day. After music practice is where the real excitement began in the gym. The talent portion of Homecoming week, V Factor. The first ones to go