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Kiana Archey: The Passion, the Love, the Spirit, the Valiant

Quiet, but intelligent. Shy, but confident. Neutral, but happy. Kiana Archey is a student that not only excels in school, but also as a cheerleader. This shy young lady might keep to herself, but when it comes to cheer and school spirit, it’s a whole different story. Archey, 16 years old and a junior in

Nick Barragan: Success Takes Focus

It’s 1:30 PM on a hot summer afternoon and students are in a rush to get home. However, senior Nick Barragan and his fellow teammates stay behind to practice for the fast approaching football season. While he thinks of Mr. Taner Gulsoy’s pre-calculus homework assigned to him that very day and how long it’s going

Chelsea Caringal: The Life of a K-Popper

Chelsea Caringal had just bought K-Pop CD’s from Music Plaza, in Koreatown. But just as the door shut, she realized a man was staring at her. Chelsea took a couple of steps and the man began to follow. The mystery man then started to chase her for about a block. The man withdrew his attention

Armonie Mendez: Armonie’s Beloved Tunes

The clattering sound in the hall was abrupt. The heads turned and discovered a pair of seemingly broken Beats headphones on the cold, hard floor. All the students and teachers look at the floor with pity for the owner of those poor overly priced headphones. These headphones were the beloved property of St. Genevieve High

Brian Hernandez: The Life of a Gamer

After 8 years, hundreds of hours in front of a screen, and pressing billions of buttons it is still possible for Brian Hernandez to keep up with all that life has to offer. Although that may seem like a lot, it is a part of the norm for this sophomore. Brian has devoted bits and

Samantha Leyva

It is said behind every face is a hidden talent. Whether it’s something as simple as juggling or as branched out as gymnastics. For sophomore Samantha Leyva, it’s singing. Ever since the age of four Samantha has been singing at social gatherings and family parties. A mike in hand and in front of a crowd

Christalle Cid: The Book Worm

Flipping pages, hitting the books, and getting good grades are a day in the life of Christalle Cid. She is a junior taking AP English alongside chemistry. Her love for school is a big characteristic that defines who she is. Since third grade, school has been a really big part of her life. She is

A Raceway for Everyone?!?

  From the outside, MB2 Raceway may not look like much. It doesn’t seem to stand out since there are many buildings that are similar to it surrounding the area, but once you’re inside, it’s a completely different story.   It looks amazing inside, and really gives off a Nascar raceway type of vibe. There

Better than your Average Sports Bar

    Buffalo Wild Wings is nationally known franchise specializing in wings, beer, and sports. The franchise opened in 1982 as a place to socialize and watch sports. Soon after, they started to serve alcohol and slowly became known for their buffalo wings. This specific Buffalo Wild Wings is located in Northridge by the  Northridge