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Earth-Day 2012

Earth-Day is something that Saint Genevieve High School takes serious. At SG, we set aside this day to commemorate mother Earth and all that she has done for us.

Time Flies

Looking back from my freshman year, I believe that I have changed because I took up a lot of opportunities that I never had before. Being welcomed as a freshman was kind of nerve wrecking because it is when you’re in a new school with new people that you probably never met.

Spring/Summer Fashion

With spring being here and summer just teasing us with the bi-polar weather, the new 2012 spring fashion is something popular to amp up the wardrobe for this year.

High School in a Thousand Words.

A huge tip is to enjoys the little things in life. This year, I hung out with my friends almost every Friday after school. Sometimes we play basketball at chase, go watch the basketball games at school, or simply enjoy the afternoon by doing nothing. It may seem as a waste of time but the way I see it, they are memories that I will hold. Just having the company of one another, knowing that we are not going to see each other on a daily basis anymore, makes the present that much more greater

Raking Weeds, Painting Posters and Kickball

Mr. Bailey’s family homeroom decided to celebrate earth day at Sylmar Independent Baseball League. This field is the valiant’s home baseball field. There weren’t any ride issues because the family homeroom were able to rent the school vans to take the students to the field. They left the school at around 8:30 a.m. and finished at around 11:00 a.m.

A Concluding Concert: Beginnings and Endings

On Friday, May 4th, the SGHS Marching/Concert Band, Beginning Band, String Orchestra, and Jazz Band will play various musical compositions in the gym for their annual spring concert. Thanks to the scheduling snafus and whatnot, this concert happens to also be on the last day of academics, for seniors that is. Otherwise, it is perfect

Earth Day Swap

On April 19, 2012 students participated in the annual Earth Day event where different family homerooms provide an activity to help the environment. Each family homeroom created an idea to help the earth. In Ms. Roche’s and Mr. Andersons family homeroom, students were asked to bring their used toys, clothes, video games, books, and other

Movie Review: The Cabin in the Woods

If you think you know this classic horror flick, you’re in for a good surprise. The Cabin in the Woods is a movie about five friends who go to a remote Cabin in a spooky forest, but its not your typical horror film. This movie takes every classic horror cliché and ties it under a

Disneyland’s Grad Nite 2012

The seniors will be graduating on May 11 and Grad Nite is on May 10. They are leaving school at 9 p.m. and leaving Disneyland at 6 a.m. The seniors can arrive at Disneyland anytime they want during the park hours.