Monthly Archives: March 2012

“A Starry Night”

Prom is just around the corner. This year’s prom theme is a “Starry Night” and is being held at Marina Del Rey on a yacht called the Entertainer. The cost of a ticket is 65 dollars, but this price doesn’t include the fundraised money that the seniors raised.

Who’s Joseph Kony?

Do you know who Joseph Kony is? Most likely you have. For the past month, the video of Kony 2012 went viral and was seen over 80 million times on YouTube. A non-profit organization, known as Invisible Children, developed the video in order to publicize Joseph Kony, the warlord of Uganda. Kony and his group

SGHS Softball Off to a Great Start

The most recent wins chalked up by the Valiant Softball team seem to indicate future successes, especially considering the double-digit scores and heavy leads. Their first game on February 29th was a good win, 7-2, against Crossroads, while the scores rose in another win on March 1st, 10-3, against Holy Family. Two games that followed on March

Album Reviews: Port of Morrow – The Shins

Port of Morrow, the fourth studio album released by American indie rock outfit, The Shins, takes a new direction to the band’s prior flashy and more experimental approach in music as they lay down a more mellow, laid back album filled with the usual pop rock melodic tones and signature Shins feel that fans have fell in love with since their debut album Oh, Inverted World.

Shhh… Movie Time

The results are in! The movie that will get its screening at SGHS movie night is “White Chicks.”

Jake Luhrs Visits Saint Genevieve High School

On March 15, Jake Luhrs, singer of Christian metal core band August Burns Red took time out of his schedule to encourage the Valiant community with words of wisdom. Jake spoke of his upbringing in a torn family and how his discovery of music totally changed his perspective on the world

The Big Bang

As the students of St. Genevieve High School we’re on break a catastrophe occurred. As we look at our teacher’s parking lot the awning and the marquees are both gone. During break, a filming company decided to use our school as a filming location.

The film crew decided to bring out the their truck into the school parking lot. As they pull the truck over near the entrance, they soon believe that they are able to put their truck under the awning so that they can unload all of their equipment. But, little did they know that their truck was too big.

Why are Some Sports More Popular Than Others?

During The Fall season, the three sports that are in action are girls volleyball, cross country, and football. After asking several students, “If you are able to put the fall sports from most important/popular in this school, what would it be?” they answered either “football, girls volleyball, then cross country” or ” football, cross country, then girls volleyball.”

Are iPads taking over the world?

Technology is now becoming the most useful tool in today’s society. Individuals need technology since many countries are now advancing in an innovative atmosphere. Therefore, it is important for the upcoming generations to be highly involved with today’s technology because its advancing everyday. However, as technology grows, its important to also take caution with the