Monthly Archives: February 2012

Future Lounge

Have you seen the covered open space in front of the cafeteria? Well, it’s going to be a lounge.

SGHS 2012 Movie Night Poll

ASB will be holding a movie night at the St. Genevieve gym . It’s up to you Valiants to select which movie to show on the big screen. What will it be? Date to be announced.

Jeremy Lin: the Rising Superstar of the NBA

The biggest question right now surrounding the NBA is whether or not Jeremy Lin is just full hype or is he the real deal. The undrafted NBA superstar from Harvard is now causing a big commotion within the NBA. As we all know he is causing “Linsanity.” Jeremy Lin has taken the NBA league by storm with him giving the New York Knicks a seven game winning streak.

SGHS UDA Nationals 2012 Video Diaries

On February 2,2012 the St. Genevieve Boys, Girls, and Coed Dance teams traveled all the way to Orlando, Florida to compete in the annual UDA National Championships. The Valiants stayed in Florida for about five days. The trip itself was filled with unforgettable memories. Each day consisted of hard-work, dedication, sweat, and lots of practice. All three dance teams sure made the Valiant community proud. The Boys’ Dance Team placed seventh in the nation while the Coed Dance Team placed second in the nation.

Soccer Update Varsity

The Girls Varsity have been on a roll! They have been winning consistently for the past few games.

To start of they won against their cross town rival, the Guards. A game that is always interesting for the Valiant community. Never, do we want to lose against the cross town rivals.

Spring Sports

Spring time is one of the busiest times for sport athletes. Having a total of four teams competing during the spring is the most any season has. The four sports are: Baseball, Softball, Boys Volleyball, and Track & Field.


To simulate the toll of the crippling disease of senioritis, I have been currently experimenting with my work habits and sleep schedule to further explain and describe what senioritis is and what it can do to a student. The signs of senioritis include: exhibiting excessive laziness, wearing overly comfortable clothes to the outside world, displaying massive amounts of procrastination, showing a lack of care for tardiness, and presenting a disinterested attitude.There are several reasons as to why students have resorted to senioritis.

School Bell Rings Earlier Than Scheduled

My laid back manner and often snooze hitting habit will sometimes lead me to arriving to school right around 8:30. As I drowsily make my way out of the car I always seem to notice that people have already emptied the field and began to make their ways to their lockers and 1st periods. “Cool.” I thought, simply thinking that sometimes people just like being in a hurry and often when people start to enter the school, others follow because they see it as a sign of school starting. As I enter the school, the bell suddenly rings and I notice it’s only about 8:32 and that’s the first time I really realized that something was off. Was time itself messing around with me? What if someone tried playing an ingenius prank to get me late by setting my phone back a few minutes? To be honest, at first I wasn’t sure. Actually, at first, I had to go into the attendance office because I was “late” even though it wasn’t even 8:35.

Academic Awards Night Poll

Many of the past Academic Awards Nights have been a huge cluster of students getting awards with little to no difference in terms of who is greater than who. With the way that the Academic Awards Night is set up, nearly three-fourths or more students of every class is brought up to receive the same reward. With that being said, there is no way of determining who is the best of the best of each class, or at least, who are really being successful in school.