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The Year of the Dragon: Chinese New Year

过年好 (guònián hǎo)! Literally translated, this statement means, “Happy Spring Festival!,” or in other words, Happy Chinese New Year! Chinese New Year marks the first day of the first lunar cycle of the year, occurring on different dates but usually around mid-January to early-February, and is celebrated for fifteen days afterward. Festivals are held in Chinese

The Apple Takeover

The iPad experience in classrooms blends online and face to face learning. This technology is perfect for the classroom for the reason that it not only brings ease to the student bu the teacher itself. The Apple program is a comfortable, simple, and innovative tool thus helping students work in a better learning environment.

SG Dance Team Heads to Florida

The road to becoming national champions is arriving very soon. The Valiants head to Florida to compete for the UDA Nationals for the third consecutive year. During the 2009- 2010 season the Valiants Boys’ Dance Team placed ninth, while during the the 2010- 2011 season the Valiants placed eight in the nation.

And Then There Were Two

Super Bowl 2012. Who are you going to be rooting for? Is it going to be The Giants that are going to take the win once again or is Tom Brady and the Patriots going to take their sweet revenge? You decide.

DVD Review “Moneyball”

Moneyball conveys the story of Billy Beane, the General Manager of the Oakland A’s baseball team, trying to recover from losing in the playoffs to the Yankees in 2001. Not only did they lose, but they also lost their three best players such as Johnny Damon, Jason Giambi, and Jason Isringhausen. As a result of these losses, Billy Beane then resorted to Peter Brand, a Yale graduate, to revitalize his slowly diminishing team.

Temple Run Take Over!

Temple Run, made by Imangi Studios, LLC, is a new game application that was released for apple products on December 3, 2011. Ever since its release, the app has been given awards such as top 50 apps downloaded in December, number 1 free iOS app, and the top grossing iOS app. The question is, what makes this game so popular?

Valiant Spotlight: Alex Galindo

Senior Alex Galindo is known for being part of the St. Genevieve high school boys dance team. However, there’s other talents that are hidden from his peers. In the last four years, he’s been involved in a Martial Arts Group called Raizes Do Brazil (Roots of Brazil). Here, he also practices the Afro Brazilian Martial

High School Entrance Exam

Saint Genevieve requires for every applying freshmen to take their High School Entrance Exam. This doesn’t mean a pass or a fail, but rather a way to determine which courses they are going to take. It will determine if they will be in a regular college prep class, an honors class, or an advanced placement class.

Amazing Would Be An Understatement

Rohan Murphy, who lost his legs at a young age, can do things that many people can’t possible attempt to do. Being a wrestler back in high school and at Penn State, he has done what others doubted he could ever do.