Monthly Archives: November 2011

Surviving Finals Week

With finals week right around the corner, here are some tips to relieve the stress and more importantly help you conquer the horrible beasts known as finals.

Schedule Changes Throughout the Past Four Years

St. Genevieve High School is a home that is always filled with altercations. St. Genevieve is not a rookie to change; they are always changing every year. However, is this change a benefit or a disaster? Change is beneficial when it keeps the faculty happy and the students happy. Can we ever find the balance between the two opposing sides? As a community are we able to come up with a schedule that makes both sides content? Students of St. Genevieve High School on a weekly basis always experience change especially within the schedule.

Helping Students Grow Through Speakers

A National School of Character is what Saint Genevieve is well known for. Saint Genevieve’s speaker series, also known as Character Formation, is to help students find out who they are and to help them develop into a mature person. Not a lot of private high schools have night schools, but Saint Genevieve likes to be the one that stands out of the crowd in a unique way.

Opinions on “Occupy Wall Street”

The latest protest group to arise during our economic crisis, has done so in a relatively short fashion, thanks to the internet and its many social networking websites. As you know from the title, this group is called “Occupy Wall Street”, and their impact is quickly being recognized across the world as different “Occupy” groups have sprung

Boots, Scarves, Sweaters, and Winter Fashion 2011

This year’s winter fashion is obviously filled with boots, sweaters, and scarves. But the question is, what’s in?

Valiant Speaker Series: Kevin McConville

On Thursday, November 3rd, Saint Genevieve students, faculty and family, were able to listen to class of 1979 alumni Kevin McConville speak to them about staying on the right path, so to speak, and being able to right yourself up when one does stray. McConville achieved numerous titles in being a definite star football player

Homecoming: Junior Float

This year, the Juniors fashioned the colors purple, grey, and black, which is accompanied with their continent, Europe, as major influences in the creation of their float.

Heartbreak in East LA

Last Friday afternoon, the Valiant football team headed out to East LA to take on the Salesian Mustangs. Despite the efforts of the crowd and the team, both Valiant teams came up short. The score for the JV game was 34-9 while the varsity score was a heartbreaking 28-27.

Homecoming Dance

The theme of this year’s dance was “Red Carpet Romance.” The dance was held at the Hilton in Woodland Hills California. Taking your first step into the room was a red carpet so that you may feel like a celebrity on a red carpet.