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The GerBear Experience in Journalism

I had a great time in Journalism the past year with all the great memories and fantastic fun I had with everything that we did in the class throughout the year. In the past year Journalism I have learned that it is always important to know about the people and research I have had to do

Stress Management

When you are stressed, your body reacts as though you are in danger through the fight-or-flight response. When your brain receives a threat, it signals your body to release a burst of hormones to fuel your capacity for a response. Once the threat is gone, your body is meant to return to normal . Unfortunately,

Service Hours Due!

As we all should know by now service hours are due Monday April 4th  to your religion teacher. Some of us have a lot of trouble with service hours and need a little help to get them done. That is why some  students and teachers find oportunities for students to do service hours. A few opportunities

Unexpected Fire Alarm!

On January 27 during our elective open house workshop a bell started to ring. The bell was a fire alarm! The alarm was accidentally set off by construction workers in the hall way during the elective explanations. Students and teachers knew what to do, they all set out orderly towards the field. No one was absolutly

A Time of Holy Week and Easter

Holy week is quickly approching and we all know what comes after. Easter! We get candy in nice little baskets that we later use to hunt for eggs, but do we really know what Easter is all about? Holy week is the time before Jesus’ reserection when he is tried, condemmed, and crucified. It is the time

Lent: A Time of Feasting and Fasting

During this church season we celebrate an important thing, Jesus’  temptation in the desert. This is the time when the Devil tempts Jesus in the desert with food and power. Jesus rejects the Devil because he knows that God is the most important thing. Jesus said “it is said that man shall not live by