Monthly Archives: April 2011

Approaching AP Tests

As May approaches, St Genevieve’s AP students begin cramming for their tests which include U.S.History,Government, English, Spanish, Physics, and Calculus.

Soccer Success

The Valiant soccer teams (both boys’ and girls’) performed exceptionally well this winter season. So well in fact, that both teams managed to make it to the playoffs!

Spring Fashion Fever Is Here!

It’s that time of the year again, my fashion saavy folks! All your warm and comfy clothing worn the past few months are futile in protecting you from spring fever!

Don’t expect to get anybody jealous of your attire when you’re out there at the park sweating buckets full in your fur coat. This season is major in updating and switching up your wardrobe.

Game Review: Dragon Age 2

The sequel to the popular RPG developed by Bioware, creators of such hits as Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age 2 continues the adventures from the previous game. As a fan of the original game, I greatly looked forward to picking this up when it was announced. Was I disappointed? No, but it certainly is a different game from its predecessor.

I’ll begin this review by talking about one of the major points of the game, the story. The story of Dragon Age is a heavily medieval sword and sorcery story with extreme introversion and dark undertones. It’s like a fantasy tale but extremely dark with most of the common fantasy elements turned on their head. In the world of Dragon Age, taking place on the continent of Thedas, Elves are segregated within their culture with only a few elves truly remaining free, the mages are feared and are forced into the Circle of Magi to hone their skills lest they be killed. Dwarves however, are mostly the same as they’re commonly shown. To add to all that, the land is constantly threatened by a horde of monsters known as Darkspawn who seek only to kill and swarm humans in events known as Blights.

Walking for LIFE

LIFE socal is an organization formed by college and high school students dedicated to spreading the message of LIFE (Life Is For Everyone). Their goal is to motivate teens and young adults in Southern California to support LIFE with the hope of ending abortion. The first major life event occurred last Sunday, March 27 2011

Movie Review: Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time

What started as a Japanese manga by author Kazuki Takahashi in 1996, soon became a world wide phenomenon in America by 2000 with the release of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime and card game to American audiences. It was an instant hit, with children glued to the screen to watch the show every Saturday Morning and flocking to the stores to buy packs and packs of the cards. I was one of these children, having been caught in the Yu-Gi-Oh! craze from the very beginning.

It all seems to have come full circle now as Yu-Gi-Oh! celebrates it’s 10’th anniversary with the American release of the new movie, Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time. Having spawned further installments after the original anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! has continued to entertain kids and adults alike for the past decade.

The Death and Rebirth of Books

Books have been apart of our lives since the time cavemen painted on walls. Books are used for all kinds of purposes across all of time. But now it appears as if books have become redundant and are slowly being phased out of life. Are books not necessarily dying but being reborn in a new format?

To begin with, books have been in steady decline ever since the appearance of the e-book readers or the Kindle. The e-book readers offer wireless connectivity to allow people to buy books online and read them on the device instantly. It also allows people to read newspapers, magazines, blogs, or other digital media in some countries. The e-reader has a long battery life and allows for reading in the dark unlike it’s hardcover counterparts.

Prom 2011

The event that has senior’s buzzing with excitement is approaching fast. Prom, held on May 6th, is in the next month or so, but are you ready?

Speaker Series: Justin Fatica

On the twenty-first of March, St. Genevieve High School’s students and faculty celebrated the visitation of current speaker, Justin Fatica.

Justin Fatica is a motivational speaker of sorts, relying on the aspects of his past to pull in audience members to how he overcame his struggles and became the man he currently is. But the assembly, which originally thought by audience members would primarily concern him, branched outward to a truly fulfilling group experience.