Daily Archives: March 2, 2011

Ask Vee: “I’m not getting any college acceptance letters…”

The first thing you need to know is that you aren’t the only one applying for these colleges. The process of being accepted takes a very long time and, most of the time, you won’t get your letter for months after you applied. I know it’s hard to be anxiously waiting to see your standing with the schools of your choice, but patience is key when it comes to these letters.

Dear Vee, My PSAT Scores Were Horrible

As discouraging as it may be to have seen such low scores, there is still hope. You are a junior and still have time to improve your scores before you take the SAT. At this time there are a lot of SAT prep courses going on in the area. First and foremost, this spring in the high school classes to prepare you for this test will be taking place.

Warm Beverages

It’s that season again, with the Winter in full swing it takes a lot more than a sweater to keep yourself warm. Hot Chocolate and coffee are usual and boring, there should be something more fun and interesting.

Dream Speakers

One of the most famous things Saint Genevieve is known for are the special speakers that come out to talk to the students and teach them life lessons. While not all of them are bang up jobs, the speakers do indeed get their point across. However, as of late Saint Genevieve has only had three speakers, Richard Riordan, Gerald Durley, and of course Jimmy Carter.

Compared to last year when the school kept churning out special speaker after special speaker, some may find this a breath of fresh air. But I thought to ask students the hypothetical question of “Who do you want to speak at St. Genevieve?”

Valiant Spotlight: Estefania Rojas

Meet eighteen year old, Estefania Rojas, a Senior at St. Genevieve High School.

For most of high school, Estefania’s talents have been hidden by her peers and high school. Acquaintances see her as a quiet soul; to her close friends, she’s a wild child immersed in the art of dance.

The Interviews to Remember: Incoming Freshmen

Last Saturday the interviews for the next incoming freshmen took place. Many students from the Associated Student Body of St. Genevieve High School and others along with many faculty members arrived at school ready to evaluate the many kids interested in joining this Valiant family.

About nearly a hundred students from different middle schools came and were interviewed. Many were respectful and well-rounded. Compared to years prior back, many were dressed sharp, neat, and very formal. Nonetheless, an outfit and your appearance doesn’t fully or at all sum up what they can offer if accepted into this high school.