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In the coming weeks, students will be making important choices as to what they will be learning in the new school year. The Silver Script caught up with some Sophmores to find out their elective choices for the 2011-2012 year.

Electives are extra courses students are allowed to take for reasons such as increasing their GPA or acquiring extra knowledge. There are a wide variety of electives, ranging from video production, yearbook, to even orchestra.

Basketball Varsity Teams Make It To Play-offs

On February 16th, students of St. Genevieve High School eagerly entered the gym for their seasonal pep rally conducted by the Associated Student Body, or ASB. Such events, and most in particular that day’s event, are in celebration of the school’s athletics department. With no music blaring or colorful props in sight, it was an unfamiliar scene for a supposedly joyous event. Students murmured loudly upon seeing a large crowd of students at the gymnasium’s center.

Girl’s Varsity Basketball Game: Valiants vs. Saints

On the chilly night of January 25, 2011, the lady Valiants took on the opposing team of St. Anthony’s Saints.

St. Gens’ Students Greet the Chinese New Year

Annually, St. Genevieve offers students a trip to experience the Chinese New Year.

Cheer Leaders Gain an Unexpected Trophy

On December 5th, 2010 at Granada Hills Parade, the cheer team put their all into a parade and unexpectedly won a first place trophy. The team was invited to the parade by our marching band to cheer with them. The girls just thought it would be a fun little thing when the secretly were being

Valentines Day Dance

The Dj took requests and kept everyone entertained by playing music the pertained to everyones interest, even the teachers! From Michael Jackson to Deadmau5 there was definitely good variety.

“Dear Vee, I don’t have a valentine…

…but everyone around me does and, being in high school, it’s hard to not feel like I should. How can I enjoy the holiday while everyone around me is coupling up? ” The very lonely, One Well One, it’s key to remember you are in fact not the only one without a valentine on Valentine’s day. If you really

“Dear Vee, I didn’t Make the Honor Role…”

Dear Vee I did not make the Honor Role this year, should I still go to the Academic Awards Night regardless? I don’t want to be the only one sitting in the stands! That would be totally embarrassing ….” Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                            Should I go? Well, think about this Should I go?, why are we having an