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Fitness Classes

Before Winter break students assembled in the gym in order to choose second semester fitness classes.  A majority of the  classes were the same as previous years, however there were a few new additions. One of the most original fitness classes this year was the Rugby class.  A mixture of soccer and football, rugby is

Newly Announced Spring Musical Wows Students

Announced on January 21st, Mr. DoPorto and Mr. Shatkin, both heavily involved in the school’s musical productions, announced the school’s latest musical of the 2010-2011 school year.

In all the excitement and suspense of the scene, they happily announced it being Guys and Dolls.

Lazer Tag Fundraiser Day

On January 19, 2011 St. Genevieve students went to have a fun night at
Ultazone Laxertag in Sherman Oaks for a fund raiser.

Students were to pay twelve dollars in advance and fifteen dollars at the door. Students who went got a great deal. Normally prices are much more expensive when you go lazertagging.

California is Soon to be Facing a Superstorm: Truth or Theory

According to a recent study by scientists, they have reported and predicted that the state of California could possibly face a severe storm. As concluded by their calculations, the possible damage would be multiple times worse than a dangerous earthquake. The destruction would be equivalent to over millions of dollars, and put a bigger deficit on California, a member of Debt City.

During the process of this storm, it would take roughly 40 days for the rain to accumulate up to ten feet of rain. However, what would essentially push the storm to cause such catastrophe would be the strong winds that could reach 125 miles per hour. Lucy Jones a scientist of the Geographic Survey and other scientists have noticed that there is a pattern of great storms, as predicted, happening every 100 or 200 years.

How to Stay Warm During the Cold, Cold Winter

During winter we all know how hard it is to stay warm in the crazy random wheather we have in Southern California. It is warm most of the time, but every now and again we do get that cold wind.

It is important to keep your body warm for you health so here are some tips to keep you warm during the winter.

A Day in SGHS Fitness

The students of Saint Genevieve High School really seem to enjoy the freedom of choosing their own fitness classes. In these photos you will be able to see a couple of the activities being done on the school yard. Students have fun playing games and doing sports they enjoy while working out with their friends.

Game Review: Sonic Colors

I’ve been a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, a character created by Yuji Naka for the gaming company SEGA, since I was five years old. My first Sonic game being the famous Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast, I’ve always had a good time with the blue blur. Of course, it hasn’t necesarilly been a good time for him however, his previous game outings have not been received well by the gaming masses.

His first game on a 3’rd generation console, Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic 06), was panned by both gaming professionals and fans alike for a variety of reasons and from what I’ve seen were well deserved. His next game, Sonic Unleashed, seemed to improve from Sonic 06 but again was panned by video game critics alike. Personally, I found the game somewhat enjoyable, but found some aspects repetitive and the Night Levels levels to much of a break from regular gameplay. But despite all this, Sonic Colors seems to be the game to break the “Sonic Cycle” once and for all.

Junior Varsity Game Cancelled, While Varsity Team Does Justice On First League Game

St. Genevieve High School played against Verbum Dei High School in an all out battle of athletic ability in their first League game of the season.

On January 12th, the boys basketball teams, excluding their respective freshmen team, were scheduled to play on that evening.

Snowfall in Santa Clarita

Snow in California is a rare event. To experience snow in the Golden State, Californians normally head up into the mountains or go to amusement parks offering false snow.

However, a small surprise came upon the locals in the Santa Clarita area.