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“Dear Vee, I’m Worried about 2nd Semester”

Dear Vee, This is the first year I’m taking AP classes. First semester was stressful, but decent. However, my teachers are saying second semester will be ever more difficult. Advice?! Sincerely, Stressed at St. Gen’s Dear Anonymous Comrad, your teachers are not lying. It is very true indeed that this next semester will be a

What to do Over Christmas Break

When you are a student you are in school for most of your days. We all know that at the end of all of it and after all the Finals we take there is one thing that can make a student smile. Break! There are many different things you can do over Christmas break instead

Winter Fashion 2010-2011

The forecast for this winter season says trendy scarves, gloves and socks du jour according to, the East and West coast will face temperatures closer to average while the northern Great Lakes and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan take on the numbing cold. Meanwhile, the rest of us in California can assuringly put on

Our Broken Bell

We’ve all heard it or rather haven’t heard it…the lack of our missing bell is very clear now. One day it just wasn’t there…we can only wonder why. One discusion about the bell is that a wire broke and it just never got fixed. Is it a bad thing that it was never fixed? The

St. Genevieve Plays from Then to Now

At St. Genevieve High School we have sports, boys and girls dance, academics, art, brodcasting, year book and other various clubs, but what we are really known for is our theatre productions. So far there have been a total of 18 theatre productions. They all consist of drama, comedy and romance. A lis of the plays

Welcome Freshmen Dance

On the tenth of September a comotion was going on in Madonna Hall. It was the Welcome Freshmen Dance. Everyone had gotten “Geeked Up” for the occation. Everyone was wearing something different. Some were wearing suspenders and shorts while others were wearing a dress shirt and black pants.  The most populare thing on the dance

Mass of the Immaculate Conception of Mary

On Wednesday afternoon, December 8th, St. Genevieve held a very important mass.

To celebrate the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, all students were to attend an evening day of school. As per usual, formal attire was a must.

However, this mass day was a bit different. To participate in mass with the high school student body were the 8th and 7th graders of the St, Genevieve elementary school.

Review: Two Way Street

Lauren Barnholdt’s Two Way Street is romantic, humorous, and a very good read. The characters in her book are vibrant and all have different personalities so that different readers are able to relate to at least one character. The book is told from both perspectives of the two main characters, Jordan and Courtney. They are

A Puzzlement

Research has recently found that in the future, 16 million Americans will have Alzheimer’s Disease. That means that it is this generation’s of teens that will be suffering from the incurable disease. While it may have a good side to it – people will have more people to study and may find a way to