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6th Through 8th Grade Float

Elementary students join high school participate in schoolwide event. Homecoming rallies together the four differing classes of the high school. In the week-long event’s spirit, St. Genevieve High School joined with its neighbor school, St. Genevieve Elementary School, to form this common sense of unity. In the past, the elementary school’s older grades would participate with the high

SG’s Got Talent

A stage set. Amps plugged in. Drums ready for action. The Valiants celebrate students’ talents in commeration of Homecoming week! Due to conflicting weather patterns, that evening’s classes were rearranged to the accomodate to the upcoming Homecoming events. The talent portion of the Homecoming activities were first to begin. In a random drawing of classes, the Sophomores were

Preparing for College

It’s application season! With deadlines everywhere for a variety of college applications, it isn’t difficult to lose track of time. But this can be avoided throug simple steps towards organization. You should already be preparing for college academically. Earning good grades and developing study skills are vital. Also, readying yourself for the standardized test is just as

Freshmen Float

The freshmen float was a very nice piece of work done by the freshmen. It was very nice and they stuck nicely to their theme and had the word F-R-E-S-H-M-E-N on the side. It had a Cinderella on the top of the float covered in clue with yellow hair. The Freshmen covered their float in

Powder Puff

The first thrilling round of powder puff was Juniors against Freshmen who played a tough game but fell a little behind and the Juniors won 3 – 1. The next round was seniors agains sophomores and the sophomores tossed and tummbled but the seniors still came out ahead at 3-2. After the first two games was

Homecoming Parade: Juniors

During Homecoming, the Juniors’ float that was displayed during this Saturday’s parade featured great creativity along with the many characters of Disney. For example, the whole float was to be Goofy. The front consisted of Goofy’s facial features of his eyes, teeth, and nose. On top of the cab of the vehicle, was Goofy’s infamous hat and on the side was his ears. As

Fall Sports: Girls’ Volleyball

Both Girls’ Junior Varsity and Varsity have endured a battling and tough season this year. With a balance of home and away games, our lady Valiants have done a great job to represent our school and play some fairly well volleyball. This year’s Junior Varsity Captain is junior Rosanna De Guia. She has had to

Fitness Classes

It has become that time of year. Fitness classes were chosen and picked out by students early this September and for the second quarter this October. While many are familiar to returning students, at least one or two seems new to everyone at Saint Genevieve. Returning classes are as follows: “Health” is one of them

Penny Wars

Unfortunately, the penny wars got off to a slow start this year. With Mr. Horn having to make announcements about the lack of effort put into the competition, it was obvious that the Valiants lacked motivation (despite knowledge that the penny wars would benefit the school.) However as the week went by, the jars slowly