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Baby Harris

On July 30’th 2010, a new member of the Valiant family was born. You may know Mr. Harris, the former varsity football coach at the school, as a history teacher here at St. Genevieve High School. Just recently, he and his wife Kari have been blessed with a baby boy. Born at the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, Michael Maverick Harris is already 2 months old.

However, Michael’s birth was not entirely perfect as he was born with the rare congenial heart disease Tricuspid Atresia.

Economics Week

Valiants raise money for school-wide benefits through the selling of various products and promotions. For an entire week, the Senior class of St. Genevieve High School conducted the annual “Economics Week” project. “Economics Week” refers to the entire week spent in activities revolving the class of Economics. Students were to sell a specific product to

Cross Country an Extreme Sport

For some sports they’ve been back since the summer or only got back after we started school. For our Valiant Cross Country team they have been back since the beginning of the school year, August 2, 2010. Mr. Norman and Ms. Sable are very excited for this year. They aim to get first place medals


Randomly asked, 4 out of 8 students claimed valuable property of theirs had been stolen at least once during their time at high school. Stealing is a common thing that is bound to happen at any public area, including school. However, when taking the time to imagine your property stolen and as well the property

The BDT Qualifies For Nationals

For the St. Genevieve Boy’s Dance Team, it isn’t their first going to Florida for the nationals. A year ago, they were in this same position, but the news about being eligible for nationals didn’t reach them this early in the year. “It feels very good; accomplishing. But I know it’s only the beginning. I

Santiago and Cartaya @ the Bowl

The Santiago and Cartaya expeirence was a wonderful experience for my family home room. “It was a good expeirience that I never had last year so it was twice as fun”, says Sophomore Patrick Banks The first few days of our meeting we had trouble getting on track, even up to the last day! everyone was

Harris and Gulsoy @ the Bowl

Everything had begun with two separate teacher’s and their students combining to create, one family or a family homeroom. Attendance was the first thing to take place and then it was turn for the Seniors, to show their leadership skills. Questions were asked concerning what food would be taken to the Hollywood Bowl picnic, as well as which

Go Football!

This Saturday, the Valiant football team has their first home game with Villanova Prep. While it is a pre season game, head coach, Tim Kenney says, “It does count towards their record. It just doesn’t count in our Santa Fe league.” They’ve had 20 practices so far preparing for the upcoming game. It’s been tough

What Are You Eating After School?

Most students have somewhere to go or something to do after school, but no one can deny the craving for an afternoon snack. With that being said , there are many options available for students whether they wish to go off campus or dine at the new SGHS café! recently open, the café offers breakfast,