Monthly Archives: August 2010

Upcoming Events

Friday September 3rd, St. Genevieve’s student and faculty will be attending Earth, Wind, and Fire at the Hollywood Bowl. Every year St. Genevieve attends a certain show at the Hollywood bowl and this year the students seem to be excited. “I’m pretty stoked to see Earth, Wind, and Fire. I always have fun at the

Junior Thoughts

Junior year may be the toughest year of anyone’s  life. Harder classes, teachers, and extracurricular activities they may be doing to get into college. This is the year to get it all in and do your very best.  We start looking for colleges and trying to make our parents proud. It’s the year that we are

Sister Mary Jean Meier

Director of the Archdiocesan Office of Special Services dies at 85. On the early August morning returning back from the bustling weekend, the Valiants were put in shock when a member of the Archiocese had passed away. Although many did not know of her, they felt grieve for Sister Mary Jean Meier. “Although I did not know

Mr. McKay: From Administration to the Classroom

A new school year brings new changes. For Coach Shane McKay, it is his new position within the faculty and staff that has changed. For returning students, Coach McKay is known as a dedicated Football coach and a familiar face around the main office, assisting with financial aid or dealing with fax tuition. This year,

New Schedule

Saint Genevieve High School has officially decided on a new schedule for the up coming school year of 2010-2011.The pre-bell is rung at 8:45 and students have 5min to get to there first period of the day and classes begin at 8:50. After having three periods in the day the students are released at 12:45.

Mr. Cheng: the Man Behind the Camera

At St. Genevieve High School, it’s quite normal for teachers to tackle on many, various jobs. One man decided to take on an admirable task of teaching four different subjects. Mr. Gabriele Cheng, although new, was not afraid to teach not only broadcasting, which is his forte, but video production, art, and yearbook as well.

Senior Outlook On The Upcoming Year

As the new school year approaches, the senior class of 2010-2011 ponders on their future as a student, as a class, and as a school. On July 27th, the class of 2011 entered the music room for their senior class orientation. Upon entering they were introduced to their school theme, particularly their own theme. The

Welcome Freshman Day

An annual event, St Genevieve welcomes its incoming freshmen students with a full day of fun and support from the upperclassmen. For freshmen it’s an average day of school,little do they know the upperclassmen and staff are working constantly to make sure that everything is prepared. Although it’s SGHS tradition, Welcome Freshmen Day changes every