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The Standards of Television Content

The standards of television content have rapidly decayed in their quantity and their quality.

Anime Club: Week 5

The main event at the anime club this week was Karaoke. Sophomore Amanda Corona had divided the songs from easy (10 points), medium (20 points), to hard (30 points). Each Valiant had to sings at least threee songs to gain a large amount of points, depending on what level they sing from. From the Pokemon opening song to

Earth Day 2010

Earth Day, a day to clean our home planet, and care for it. It all started with a peace activist, John McConnell. John McConnell had introduced the idea of   “Earth Day” in 1969 at the UNESCO Conference on the Environment. Soon after, the first declaration of Earth was announced on March 21, 1970 by San

Anime Club: Week 3

This week at the anime club, the Valiants or better known as the Otakus’, had been discussing their story plot for their manga, each club member is creating. Once done each member will get their story published on the yearbook, if finished on time. After, having discussed their story plot, the Otaku’s had gathered around

Anime Club: Week 2

The Otaku’s gather around each other, and chat on the item they’ve brought to show and tell to everyone. Before, going the Leader,Sophomore Amanda Corona makes an announcement, in which everyone is excited to hear, that the Anime Club will be able to go to the Anime Expo located at L.A. Convention Center. Although, the anime club will need

Earth Day at the Observatory

For Earth Day, I was with Mr. Anderson and Mr. Hisel’s group. We had many ideas, but we came to the conclusion of going to the Griffith Observatory and working on projects to show recycling was very easy to accomplish. We were all scheduled to meet at the observatory at 8:30am. I came late, At about 10am.

Class of 2010 Graduation Ceremony

On May 14, 2010, the St. Genevieve Parish Church was packed with students, parents, teachers and faculty of St. Genevieve High School. The graduating class of 2010 says their goodbyes as their four years at St. Genevieve High School comes to a close.

Role Models

Are these the people we look up to?

The Day Of Silence

Bigotry is a tumor in the stomach of today’s society, people go through their everyday lives making stinging comments on people who are different. I stood protest for one group in particular during this years day of silence, which is one day a year to sand up for the LGBT community. The day of silence