Monthly Archives: March 2010

Where’s Walter?

Have you seen the deceptively-sneaky Walter? Since his start at St. Genevieve High School, Walter has been hiding behind backpacks, inside lockers and crawling under unsuspecting teachers’ desks. He is the master at the ancient craft of hide-and-seek. Your job as the seeker is to find the cunning fellow before he strikes again. Test your

Green Zone

Green Zone is a complete action-packed movie.

Celebrating Lent

Lent is an important time for Catholics, and it is equal or more important than Christmas.

Finding My Self Worth

Being a girl isn’t always easy, especially during those pre-teen and teen years.

St. Genevieve High School’s Spring Musical opens their doors to fresh faces.

Welcome Michael and Michael.

The Academy Awards

The 82nd Academy Awards has came and left, taking and giving Oscars to the likely and unlikeliest celebrities

After School Safety

The school isn’t telling you not to go have fun with your friends after school, they just want you to be safe while you are doing so.

Alice in El Capitan Theatres

We all know the late rabbit, the funny mad hatter, the smiley Cheshire cat and the lost and confused Alice, but Disney has remade the movie in a new and modern way with a twist.

Coachella(Drinking + Drugs) – Cautious Mind = Bad Time

As the spring season arrives, the famously known 3 day concert, Coachella, has finally come again.