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The Valiant Cheerleaders are well on their way to a ‘cheer-ful’ year, with the coaching of Ms. Kara Ukolowicz.

Holiday Music

Christmas is here and everyone loves to remind themselves of that every day.

Depression: A hindrance? Or an opportunity?

“Teenagers are too young to be ‘depressed’, they haven’t lived in the real world yet!” many adults may complain.

New Year’s Resolutions

Every New Year brings new opportunities to do different things

Holiday traditions

The world that we live in is full of boundaries. Boundaries such as race, culture and all of the the other millions of things that separate us as people and keep us from uniting as one. Could this be why holidays are seen as such sacred times? The times where no matter what is keeping

Movie Review “A Christmas Carol”

A Christmas Carol was originally a short novel by famous English author Charles Dickens. It is about a grumpy old man named Ebenezer Scrooge who hates Christmas. But one Christmas Eve, he is visited by three ghosts: the ghost of Christmas past, the ghost of Christmas present, and the ghost of Christmas future. These ghosts

Is This Really It?

Has the much anticipated release of, ‘Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’, lived up to its hype? The epic compilation of interviews, dance numbers, rehearsal footage, 101 with the director Kenny Ortega, and commentary from the ‘King of Pop’ himself certainly does Michael’s career justice. The movie captivates audiences across the world as you’re given a

God Of War

From ancient times, the realm of the gods and that of mortal men have been separated by one factor, power.

Can I Get A ‘Yeah, Dawg!’

How is the student body of St. Geneveive High School going to spend their Saturday evenings now that football season is over?