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Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 is the sequal to the biggest selling game in history. If  you are unfamiliar with Modern Warfare here is a recap. You start off playing as a character named “Soap” or also known as Sergeant Mactavish. In the course of the game you switch off as Soap who is in 22nd SAS,

The History of Thanksgiving

  In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared a  feast which is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. This harvest meal became a symbol of cooperation and interaction between English colonists and Native Americans. Although this feast is considered as the first Thanksgiving celebration, it was actually

Sesame Street

Recently, Sesame Street has celebrated their 40th anniversary. Many teens and adults of this generation remember when they were young and sitting in front of the TV to have fun while learning their letters and numbers. In fact, Sesame Street was the first show to introduce educational learning through TV. According to Time Magazine, Sesame

Homecoming Mass

As the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is.”

Black Friday

Thanksgiving is a time for many things; food, family, giving thanks and most important of all shopping. At one point Thanksgiving was a time to bond with your family, stuff your face with food and, eat yourself into a food coma, but in recent years Thanksgiving has changed from it’s own holiday to Christmas part

Eating Contest

One of the most mundane task we take for granted everyday has been turned into one of the most anticipated homecoming events. The eating contest is where our Valiants show their prowess on the dining room table. This year’s gauntlet of decadent foodstuff consisted of a course of hotdogs, then a peanut butter sandwich, then

A Homecoming Victory: The Valiants Win against St. Anthony

The Homecoming  football game on Saturday, October 24 was a great victory for our Varsity team, who went up against the St. Anthony Saints of Long Beach, California. Throughout the game, both teams did very well but the Valiants managed to succeed and win 37-23 bringing our total wins to an astonishing 8-0. Touchdowns were

Business In Today’s Youth

Recently at St. Genevieve High School, the senior economics class has taken on a new kind of challenge away from academia- the business world. The small class of fifteen has been selling goods and services during lunch, nutrition, and even before school. The class’s profits will go towards prom, however, there is something more that