Monthly Archives: October 2009

Water Shortage

      California is having water crisis! We can help. Here are some easy ways to help: shorten our showers to five to seven minutes when brushing teeth turn off the water while brushing and save 25 gallons a month. turn on sprinklers only two times out of the week don’t water your lawn more

A “Glee”-ful Review

The series may seem a bit bland at the start, but it has the potential to be heartfelt and addicting.

Books and Macs and a New Librarian! Oh My!

This new school year has welcomed many new teachers, but it has also welcomed one new librarian. Ms. Moore has known Mr. Horn for a few years, but has now just joined the staff. She’s a wonderful addition to our valiant family. She’s helpful, friendly, and has many, brilliant ideas for the library. In the

Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy) Uproots Thousands

Typhoon Ketsana (codename Ondoy in the Philippines), has killed many and has uprooted the lives of many people, with deaths centered in the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Serena Williams, please don’t shove a tennis ball down her throat!

Serena Williams had set a terrible example in the world of tennis as she cursed towards an official’s direction and threatened to shove a tennis ball down her throat.