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Who’s your Valentine?

For the girls: For the boys:  

Top New Year’s Resolutions

  Kiana Archey, Reporter for the Silver Script

SGHS 2012 Movie Night Poll

ASB will be holding a movie night at the St. Genevieve gym . It’s up to you Valiants to select which movie to show on the big screen. What will it be? Date to be announced.

Academic Awards Night Poll

Many of the past Academic Awards Nights have been a huge cluster of students getting awards with little to no difference in terms of who is greater than who. With the way that the Academic Awards Night is set up, nearly three-fourths or more students of every class is brought up to receive the same reward. With that being said, there is no way of determining who is the best of the best of each class, or at least, who are really being successful in school.

And Then There Were Two

Super Bowl 2012. Who are you going to be rooting for? Is it going to be The Giants that are going to take the win once again or is Tom Brady and the Patriots going to take their sweet revenge? You decide.