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Opinion: Responsibility in Today’s Ever Changing World

Xenia Martinez, Guest Writer         Archbishop Gomez published an article speaking of the most recent executive orders of our new president: About the wall, about the “Muslim ban”. I think we all have our own opinions about this.         Although it is frightening, it’s the reality, it is the world we now have to grow

Opinion: Homework Needs to be Quality Over Quantity

Jesus Perez a Reporter for The Silver Script Homework is often seen as a necessary evil for high school students, but too much work or the wrong kind work does not benefit students in the long run. Students end up paying the price when quantity becomes more important than quality in a classroom environment. Homework

Opinion: Donald Trump Sexual Assault Allegations

Keila Vives Reporter for the Silver Script During the first week of October, Access Hollywood released a video from 2005 of our Republican nominee, Donald Trump, making rude, aggressive sexual comments about women. People questioned if Trump could be the National face of our country because of what he  said when he was a reality

Opinion: Stand Together for Hurricane Matthew

Enoch Waiswa a Reporter for The Silver Script Hurricane Matthew began on September 28 and ended on October 10. With warning that the deadly disaster was in route, many people left homes in search for safety. For those who stayed, they were most likely a part of the 1,384 fatalities. Many states in the south

Travis Scott: Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight

Birds in the trap sing Mcknight is Travis Scotts most creative project up to date.  Enoch Waiswa Reporter for The Silver Script With the arrival of one of the most anticipated albums of the year, Travis Scott fans were more than excited when he released Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight making it his second

Trump swoons US with plans to improve the country

Donald Trump has been leading the Republican polls and the reason as to why is quite clear: he is the most qualified Republican candidate. The US has many problems, and according to the White House’s records, the last is terrorism. The most obvious and drastic is the US’s economic status. With a person like Trump

Wanderlust Creamery: Around the World in Many Flavors

    Wandrlust, a fairly new Ice Creamery in Tarzana, has charmed its way into the stomachs of the public with unique and popular flavors that help customers travel the world in the comfort of this quaint business.    Flavors such as Earl Grey Milk Chocolate, Honey Lavender, Kinder Bueno, Abuelita Malted Crunch, and Sticky

Combined, But Don’t Mix

Just a little bit over a year ago, St. Genevieve Parish Schools was born. Prior to that, there were two separate campuses, the elementary school and the high school.  Although they shared the same pastor, they had separate administration and separate activities. Now that these two campuses have combined, some view it as a blessing

“Call me Caitlyn”

From being the most respected athlete, to being the most respected transgender. Bruce Jenner has reached out and identified to who he believes he really is, a woman. Unlike other celebrities, or for any other person for that matter, Jenner finally realized that today’s world is a world that demands for the person you are