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Football and Cheer Senior Night

Gabriel Anglade a Reporter for The Silver Script The Valiant football and cheer team celebrated their Senior night at Poly High School on November 4. Senior night signifies the seniors’ last home game, not including playoffs. As the seniors took  the field for the last time, they had the special opportunity of being introduced by their

Beginning of a New Cheer Era

Enoch Waiswa Reporter for The  Silver Script While coach Ukolowicz is giving out directions to her team, she’s called by a fellow staff member. “This is the other hard part about coaching,” said coach Ukolowicz as she heads over to acknowledge Mr. Dinkha, a religion teacher. Regardless of teaching multiple classes coach Ukolowicz is prepared for

Mark Martinez: Changing Cheerleading at Saint Genevieve High School

    Mark Martinez is everything but an average high schooler. While he is a part of some of the rigorous sports games he isn’t necessarily playing the game, rather he is cheering on the athletes. Mark Martinez is a cheerleader and is not ashamed of admitting it.    Though he has to face more difficulties

Valiant Cheer Team Brings it On

After taking many years off of the competition block, the valiant cheer team was back in action on March 28, 2015. The team participated in the Sharp competition at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Sharp is the world’s largest cheer and dance competition circuit. They host cheer, dance, drill and color guard categories at their competitions.

Football and Cheer Banquet

Junior Varsity and Varsity football players and cheerleaders gathered in Madonna Hall with their parents and coaches to commemorate and congratulate them on a good football season on December 12th. Other than just eating and having a good time with friends, the night also had an award ceremony. Awards were handed out on both the

Saint Genevieve v. Mary Star

With Homecoming week leading up to the football games on Saturday, many were skeptical on who would win the game. With the parade being prepped and people marching down the streets to Poly High School. Students, teachers, and faculty were part of the parade and people on the streets were honking, taking pictures, and supporting

Kiana Archey: The Passion, the Love, the Spirit, the Valiant

Quiet, but intelligent. Shy, but confident. Neutral, but happy. Kiana Archey is a student that not only excels in school, but also as a cheerleader. This shy young lady might keep to herself, but when it comes to cheer and school spirit, it’s a whole different story. Archey, 16 years old and a junior in