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Tips for Surviving your First Year of College

Adriana Sanchez, Reporter for the Silver Script Whether you are entering as a first generation college student or not, the transition from high school to college can be difficult; here are some tips to help you get by.   Prior to your first day at school, visit the campus during the summer to get a

What Does Music Say About You

By Sonny Jefferson A Reporter for The Silver Script The music you listen to reveals a lot about your personality telling people whether you  are an empathizer, someone who is able to understand feelings in others and in themselves, or a systemizer, a person who is able to identify the patterns and systems that are

SG Seniors Advance in Lions Club Speech Contest

During the annual Lions club speech contest five seniors  competed, but only two students, Dolly Ding and Joelana Despard,  made it through the first round, earning them some money, and the chance to win more. The Lions Club Speech Contest is an annual contest currently in its 79th year. It gives students the opportunity to

Half the Team, Twice the Victory

After returning to the competition world last year, the Valiant cheer teams competed in the annual Sharp competition on March 26th at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Sharp International is the world’s largest cheer, dance, drill, and color guard competition circuit. High school, all star, pop warner and elementary teams from all over the nation travel

Miguel Garcia: “Stay Together, Play Together”

Through sweat, hard work, and determination, senior Miguel Garcia has transformed from from a child with a football to the prestigious Scholar-Athlete Award winner, selected by our principal, counselor, and coach. This award is given to players who have exhibited exemplary performances on both the field and at school. Miguel Garcia has been playing football


Kesha is known for wearing glitter in shapes or forms to go with her spunky, courageous and outgoing personality. Yet after many years of claiming to be drugged and mentally, sexually, and physically abused, she pressed charges against her producer Dr.Luke, but wasdenied release  from her contract. Kesha Rose Sebert (Kesha) made her big break

Does the Zika Virus Pose a Real Threat to the Rio Olympics?

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Despite the Zika outbreak, residents of the host city remain positive about the upcoming Summer Olympics, however, foreigners are unsure of attending the games. In Brazil, over 4,000 babies were born with abnormal head sizes. This abnormality has been linked to the Zika virus,  a disease that is transmitted by

Judy Martinez: From Gentle to Evil

With the cast list already up, Judy Martinez landed herself the role of Lily, one of the villains in this year’s spring musical’s rare three-villain plot. Being the quiet and shy girl she is, Judy will transform from a sweetheart, to a villain with an appetite for wickedness. As a sophomore, Martinez has already accomplished

Super Bowl Sunday: A fearful day for relationships?

For some men and women, being around a partner who has had one too many drinks while watching the Super Bowl can lead to a brutal nightmare. With such cases increasing, the most anticipated Sundays of the year is now widely believed to hold the title of having the highest rates of domestic violence. Super