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The Life of Erik Grajales

Gabriel Anglade a Reporter for The Silver Script Erik Grajales, a transfer student, used to walk the beaches of Panama dreaming of coming to the U.S. He arrived in 2015. Erik Grajales first heard about Saint Genevieve when he was at a basketball tournament from a parent whose son attends Saint Genevieve High School. “Basketball

Jada Aldana: Varsity Girls Basketball

Keila Vives reporter for The Silver Script Senior Jada Aldana plans on playing college basketball. Aldana has been playing basketball since she was eight years old. Playing this sport for 10 years has allowed her to overcome many boundaries. “When I play it’s more of a stress reliever for me and calms me down, I

Boys Basketball Senior Night

Gabriel Anglade Reporter of The Silver Script Senior Night for the Saint Genevieve Valiants boys basketball team was bittersweet, especially for the seniors who competed on their home court for the last time. On February 8, the Valiants had a tough loss against the Saint Anthony Saints, 70-49.  Although the Valiants came up short, it

Varsity Girls Basketball: An Overview

With the winter sports season coming close to an end, the girls varsity basketball team made it to playoffs after 18 wins and 9 losses. It has been about 38 years since the Saint Genevieve High School last won the CIF championships and just getting a chance to play in playoffs is a  milestone for