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The Life of Erik Grajales

Gabriel Anglade a Reporter for The Silver Script Erik Grajales, a transfer student, used to walk the beaches of Panama dreaming of coming to the U.S. He arrived in 2015. Erik Grajales first heard about Saint Genevieve when he was at a basketball tournament from a parent whose son attends Saint Genevieve High School. “Basketball

Campus Safety and its Security Cameras

Keila Vives a Reporter for The Silver Script Security cameras were installed recently at Saint Genevieve high school to ensure campus safety. Throughout the past, Saint Genevieve high school has always chosen a path that encourages character building. Most urban schools require metal detectors, surveillance cameras, and armed guards. Though none of these items in

Graduation Picture Day

Enoch Waiswa a Reporter for The Silver Script The seniors took the first step leading to graduation day by taking their graduation photos on April 5. Although this moment is bittersweet it’s the beginning of a transition into the real world. “The graduation pictures marked the end of my high school chapter and moving onto new

Dr. Durley Visits St. Genevieve

Vanessa Salazar Reporter for The Silver Script Dr. Gerald Durley, a civil rights activist, an influential leader, and a pastor, visited the home of the Valiants to speak about his life’s accomplishments.. Durley’s wife, Muriel, unable to attend due to an illness, joined via Facetime as the Valiants gathered together to pray for her health. Dr.

Saint Genevieve Golf Team

Braxton Taylor a Reporter for The Silver Script Saint Genevieve’s Golf team began in 2013 and has gotten  better every single year. Golf coach, Coach Art,  has been working with the boys and the improvement is seen in the numbers. Players’ scores have dropped by 10 points marking a significant improvement. “[In previous years,] I’ve never

Journalism Making Headlines in Seattle

Jesus Perez, Reporter for The Silver Script St. Genevieve’s Journalism students  attended the JEA/NSPA Spring convention this year in Seattle, Washington. The convention themed “Sea the Possibilities” allowed the aspiring journalists with their press pass styled name-tags to get out of the classroom and into a world of writing and reporting. From listening to accomplished

Hidden Figures Field Trip

Vanessa Reyes Reporter for The Silver Script The freshmen along with upperclassmen in Ethnic Studies went on a field trip  to watch the movie Hidden Figures on Thursday, February 9th. “ I wanted to take my freshmen students to see Hidden Figures, because I think it’s important for them to know about the contributions of

Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan

Vanessa Salazar a Reporter for The Silver Script An estimated 678 undocumented immigrants have been deported by President Donald Trump within less than a month into his presidency. Last Thursday, Trump began deporting immigrants taking the first of  what promises to be many steps in is strict border and immigration plan. Since the race for

Riverdale: Television’s Newest Epic Fail

Catherine Smith a Reporter for The Silver Script Riverdale, a television adaptation of the Archie comics, lends a sinister edge to the wholesome characters beloved by generations of readers. The new CW show focuses on the murder of local high school student Jason Blossom, and the many ways his classmates are implicated in his death.