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The Boss Baby Review

Vanessa Reyes Reporter for The Silver Script Based on the picture book by Marla Frazee and the voice of Alec Baldwin as a suit-wearing baby, The Boss Baby is a story about how a new baby’s arrival impacts an imaginative 7 year old named Tim and his family.  With a message about the importance of

Show Pets or No Pets?

Jesus Perez Reporter for The Silver Script Films like A Dog’s Purpose often focus on the adorable aspects of animal life, but fail to show the grimmer circumstances many pets can face when working on shows or movies. Show pets do not have a voice in the same way people do and their problems should

Papa Hemingway in Cuba

Alani Romero reporter for The Silver Script The first American movie to be filmed in Cuba in 50 years, Papa Hemingway in Cuba, is based on a true story where a young journalist who idolizes Ernest Hemingway is given the chance to meet him. The film also takes place during the Cuban Revolution. The story

What to Expect in Star Wars Episode VIII

By Nikki Rodriguez Reporter for The Silver Script         Star Wars Episode VII surpassed audiences’ expectations worldwide, reeling in nearly $1 billion in revenue. However, with the confirmation of Episode VIII to be released on May 26, 2017, fans can only speculate where the fates of Rey, Kylo Ren, Finn and even

The People vs. OJ Simpson

It has been 22 years since the murder of Nicole Brown and Ronald L. Goldman, which had millions of people watching the trial against Nicole’s ex-husband O.J Simpson for both homicides. American Crime Story is televising a reenactment of the  case and trial giving viewers an inside look on details from beginning to end. The

The Battle Of The Academy Awards

For the second year in a row, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has not nominated any people of color for the four respective acting categories. In addition, the trending #OscarsSoWhite has resurfaced once again, but to call The Academy racist is an overstatement. It’s completely understandable that movie watchers everywhere would consider

Too Good To Be True

Movies and other types of media were claimed to be reflections of society. They provide insight to what is actually happening in the world. However, as time passes by, movies become more and more out of touch with reality. Movies that are supposed to provide insight can mislead people into believing in an altered reality.

Hotel Transylvania 2

     Hotel Transylvania 2 brought tears of laughter in theaters ever since it premiered on September 25. With many high expectations, this movie was equally funny as the first one.      Since opening, Hotel Transylvania had only welcomed monsters through their doors. However, in its second installment, the story follows the hotel welcoming


Originally released in 1982, this year’s audiences will get a new take and cast on the classic, Poltergeist. The film has always been known for it’s originality and it’s classic lines like “they’re here”,  the clown doll, and the static of television sets. It was praised for it’s frightening images and unique style of horror.