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Blair Motivation

My best friend has a lot of guys that like her but I don’t have any. It brings me down because I wonder why nobody likes me? -lonely girl Dear Lonely Girl, It doesn’t necessarily mean no one likes you. Someone may fancy you, but be too shy to approach you. If you like someone,

Worst Dates

This guy I’ve liked for the longest time finally decides to ask me out on a date and I agree. I’m so excited and he decides to pick me up. I forgot what our mode of transportation was, which is weird because it wasn’t that long ago. So, we get to this park and on

Ask Blair: Friend Problems

Dear Blair, My friend and I have been drifting apart, and whenever I try to talk to him, he won’t talk to me. What should I do? unfriended Dear Unfriended, If he’s a really good friend and you really want keep your friendship, I suggest you confront him about it. However, I really think you

Ask Blair: New Year’s Edition

Dear Blair, For the past year, my friends have always teased me about my height. I know I’m too short for my age but I’m really getting fed up with the jokes and the “shortie” names they come up with. What should I do? Sincerely, Height concerned girl Dear Height concerned girl, If your “friends”

Ask Blair Christmas Edition

Hi Blair, I’ve been with my girlfriend for a month and I don’t know what to get her. This is my first time getting something? I’m in vital need of your help. Mr. Ineedyourhelp Hello Mr. Ineedyourhelp, I think that you two should put a budget limit. That way one of you does not go

Ask Blaire

Dear Blaire, There is this guy in my class that I’ve liked for a while (since sophomore year) but I’m super shy around him. We’ve talked before but it wasn’t long conversations because I get so shy and freeze up. I wanna build up confidence in talking to him but I just don’t know how.