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Jada Aldana: Varsity Girls Basketball

Keila Vives reporter for The Silver Script Senior Jada Aldana plans on playing college basketball. Aldana has been playing basketball since she was eight years old. Playing this sport for 10 years has allowed her to overcome many boundaries. “When I play it’s more of a stress reliever for me and calms me down, I

Varsity Soccer’s Esteban De La Cruz

Bryan Banuelos a Reporter for The Silver Script Esteban De La Cruz has been playing on varsity for his whole high school career. Playing centerback leaves him in a very vital position since he is the last man before the goalie. With the pressure on, De La Cruz knows any player that passes him may

Hines Ward visits the Valiants

Braxton Taylor Reporter for The Silver Script Ever since Hines Ward was young, he always new that he wanted to play football. By making good grades and having strong work ethic, Ward managed to stand out amongst others and earn a scholarship to play at the University of Georgia. “My mom was always fearful for

Panorama City Today, Tokyo Tomorrow

227 students from 109 different schools, but only two students were chosen to be a LA Times correspondent in the Discover Asia Correspondent Competition.  Senior Sonny Jefferson will be taking her dream trip to  Tokyo, Japan as she documents her trip for the LA Times.  . She will be exploring many cultures and bringing everyone

In the Spotlight Once Again

After receiving a lead role in last semester’s play, Camille Garo will be returning to the spotlight as Ms. Hannigan in the spring musical, Annie. Since Garo’s freshmen year, she developed her performing skills. Garo has moved her way from being a crew member to a cast member, ensemble, to a lead. “Working with Camille

Ceci Coronado: A Leader On and Off the Field

After working towards the title of league champs this season, senior Ceci Coronado and her fellow teammates have secured their win. Leading the team with 16 goals so far this season, Coronado has exhibited hard work in the sport she’s known for 13 years: soccer. “We all worked really hard over the summer preparing for

The Dunkle Show

Mr. Andrew Dunkle, Saint Genevieve’s new Economics and Government teacher, enjoys teaching today’s youth about how to survive in the real world. Mr. Dunkle, originally from Chicago, attended Colgate University and received his Master’s degree at Tufts University in Boston. Every start to his class, he begins by welcoming the students to “The Dunkle Show”

Bailey is Back

Countless hours of grading papers and tutoring students were tasks that Mr. Ken Bailey did not expect he would be back doing after retiring last year. For 28 years, Mr. Bailey taught US History and Algebra 1 Mr. Bailey retired last Spring in hopes of spending time with his grandson, exercising, and doing volunteer work.

A Second Chance

    In 2003, Mr. Servando Amezquita found himself in the hospital, fighting off a tumor, while others told him his career was over.     Already starting later than most in his teaching career, due to a move from Mexico to the U.S., he was pushed even further from his goal when the tumor